We made it home from Ireland safe and sound! It's crazy, it only takes 6 1/2 hours in the air to get from this:
To this:
Gotta love that Philly smog.

While we were away, my little blog made it to 1 year on July 4th! So, to celebrate I have a picture extravaganza from our trip. I hope you enjoy it!

So, I guess I will start where I left off which was after our day trip to Gallway.

First up, we saw a castle.
Check that off the ol' bucket list. We also went to a lot of the little pubs while staying near Westport. They are so quaint and different than any place that we are used to at home.

(I won't bore you with the pub pictures. The hubby's goal was to go to every one, but there were 45 in that small town-ain't gonna happen dear). I think we made it to about 10-15.

The next day the girls had a relaxing morning where we took seaweed baths. I think I burned off my top layer of skin, but it was relaxing anyways.
Then we had a birthday to celebrate! Happy birthday to my wonderful MIL!
The birthday dinner was our last night in Westport, next up: we hit the road for Dublin for our last 3 days.

I absolutely loved Dublin. We were told it was like NYC, but I think it was more like Philly. It was definitely big like NYC, but it wasn't intimidating and unfriendly. It was fun and easy to walk around and explore.

After drinking Guiness and Smithwicks for 7 days, I was looking forward to finding a bar that served some IPA's. On the first night we went to Porterhouse-they brew their own beer. It was delish!
Definitely glad we went there. The next morning though...I was hurting a little bit. Maybe a few too many delish IPA's? So, the hubs and I did our own little food and beer tour through the city. Hair o' the dog. One of our favorite spots was MJ O'Neills.
We walked all day and saw some pretty interesting people on the street. This group was covered in black paint and looked like a statue. It was so lifelike the hubster thought that only a few of the people were real and that they were posing around an actual statue. False, but nice try buddy. When someone tipped them, they all bowed and then returned to their pose.
On our last day, we hit the streets early. Whiskey tasting at 10:45 AM? Sure, that sounds appropriate.
Then we had one of my favorite meals while in Dublin. We sampled some traditional fare at Gallagher's Boxty House.
The plan was to stop by because we knew they served Murphy's Stout, which we really wanted to try. But then we researched more and found out they served the original Boxty.
We all shared their Guinness sausage, a stew sampler (it included coddle, which I really wanted to try), and the Gaelic Boxty. Everything was polished off with a Murphy's. It was very delicious.

For our last dinner in Ireland, the whole group went to The Pig's Ear. They describe their food as traditional Irish with a modern touch. I would agree, although the place was pricey, the food was worth it, and the desserts were outrageously good!
I really enjoyed Ireland. It was more then I could have ever imagined. I am so lucky to have married into an amazing and generous family.
And we aren't a bad looking group either!

In other news, I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who reads and supports my blog! I appreciate all the support you have given me to continue writing. Even though I can't post as frequently as I used to, your support has not faded. So, happy belated one year anniversary to us and A Cheap Chic Life!
7/5/2012 02:56:39 am

yay! happy 1 year! love ur blog! glad u had an awesome trip in ireland! love the pics

7/5/2012 03:46:29 am

Glad you enjoyed the trip. Love the blog and you.


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