I am just waiting for Pinterest wordage to be added to the dictionary!  I have been pinning a lot lately and the things that I want to try are really piling up.  I wanted to share some of my fav recipes (and not so favs) so far!  (Click on the picture to link to the pin.)  All the recipes below are super simple, so don't be intimidated to try them if you aren't the best in the kitchen!
Egg Muffins: Since it is getting so cold out, I wanted to have a quick and easy option for a hot breakfast in the morning.  I didn't follow this exact recipe, just the oven temp and cooking time.  I made mine with egg beaters, chopped broccoli, chopped ham, and a little bit of shredded mozzarella cheese.  Easy and delicious!
Lasagna Soup:  The picture sold me and once I made it and tried it, I was not disappointed.  So good!  I added a bag of fresh baby spinach to my pot.  I'm sure any veggies that you like in your lasagna would work perfectly with it!
Spinach & Feta Quesadillas: These ones were not my favorite.  They look so good in the pic, but when I made them, they were a little to spinach-y.  I love spinach, but it was over-powering.  If you are someone who has to have a concrete recipe, you might not like this one either, it is written in vague measuring terms.
Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps: I didn't follow the recipe for this one either, just used the concept with all the goodies that I usually put in my tacos.  They were so good, I didn't even miss the taco shell.  My only recommendation-make sure to drain the meat really well, and we double layered the lettuce, because they can get really messy.
Mashed Potato Puffs: I am on the fence with these.  I am not a big potato person, I made them more for my husband.  I think I need to tweak the recipe a little bit more.  I felt like they didn't have enough flavor.  I also recommend really whipping them with the hand mixer, I don't think I did it long enough and mine came out a little dense.  But, I am not quite giving up on them, hopefully round 2 will go better!

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11/3/2011 12:05:44 am

The pic of this lasagna soup has definitely left me with a major craving!! I'm going on the hunt right now to find the recipe. If I'm successful, then I'll definitely be trying it at home & sharing it on our blog! Thanks for the inspiration. ;)

We really love your blog! Please stop by & visit ours sometime. Drop us a comment if you do. We'd love to hear from you!

Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

11/3/2011 02:34:45 am

Hi Mendi! If you click on the picture, it will bring you to the Pinterest pin and that will link you to the recipe. I hope that helps you find it! Thanks for reading my blog!

11/3/2011 10:35:10 am

Those quesadillas look so tasty! I need to try that recipe!



11/3/2011 03:21:12 pm

I guess these recipes are now my favourite too)
I love them so much!


11/3/2011 11:42:34 pm

Soooo i tried a couple recipes too! One I made for the bf and he loved it! Ha ha. I made pizza steak balls...just ground sausage, green peppers, onions rolled in piza dough and baked with cheese on top. I wish I had a picture they looked delicious! Oh interest...you have such good ideas!


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