Once you finish your Thanksgiving leftovers you can dig into these must-try recipes!  Now that it's getting chilly out, I tend to want more hearty, comfort food (with a twist of course!).
Cheesy Vegetable Chowder
I found this recipe on Pinterest (click on the pic above to link to the blog with the recipe) and it was so easy and delish that I had to share it.  I only made a few changes: I used more carrots and broccoli, I used a bunch of different almost empty bags of shredded cheese, not just chedder, and after making it, I used my hand blender to coarsely puree it instead of leaving bug chunks of veggies.
This recipe is from a great blog that I follow called bakin and eggs.  This is the first recipe that I have tried from this blog and I was definitely not disappointed.  This was so easy to make (I didn't make any changes to the recipe) and it was soooo good.  You must try it!
I am on the search for a great mac and cheese recipe and this is the second one that I have tried to far.  I like that it is very simple, so I can make a ton of adjustments to it and make it my own.  First time around I pretty much followed the exact recipe, except I had to keep adding milk (I used skim) while it was cooking because the pasta kept sucking it all up and I didn't want it to  burn to the pan.  I will be making it again and trying to perfect it some, but it was definitely a good recipe to start with!

Have a great weekend and happy holiday shopping!
11/26/2011 07:29:05 am

Yum! I've never tried making my own Mac...maybe now it's time to try it!

x. jill
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