First off, I wanted to share that I tried Loreal's new polish.  I chose the
color "Devil Wears Red" and it turned out to be the perfect red/pink nail polish.  Def a great choice for Valentine's Day nails!  Plus, the polish goes on super smooth, not streaky at all and it didn't chip for days.
Since I had been wearing it for a few days, it was time for a change, but before I took off the red polish I thought I would show the new glitter that I got (it really stands out with the red undercoat so you can see it easier). I purchased Essie's Luxe Effects Set In Stones and Revlon's Sparkling. The left is the Essie and the pictures show the difference from 1 to 4 coats of polish.
The pinky nails have 1 coat of polish all the way to the index finger nails with 4 coats.  In the bottles both glitters appear very thick.  However, after applying, it was very clear that the Revlon glitter goes on super thin.  Also, it was really hard to get the larger pieces of glitter applied, I felt like it was all the small specks.  The Essie polish was definitely more thick and it built up very easily with each coat.  My only negative for the Essie is that it was hard to get an even coat because of how chunky the polish was.

The winner for me was Essie's Set in Stones.  Revlon's Sparkle wasn't bad, but Essie's glitter went above and beyond in the sparkle department!
2/6/2012 07:11:23 pm

love the classy red!


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