I just can't get enough glitter in my life right now.  Jeeze, the problems I struggle with right?  Orly Polish was on sale at Ulta and since I have zero self control I got 3, one of which is now my new favorite glitter polish.
Glitter: Orly Tiara, Nude: Orly Pure Porcelain
I put 2 coats of glitter over my ring finger nails and then "frosted the tips" of my nails with one thin coat of glitter.  This polish, different from my other fav glitter polish Make U Smile by Nicole, has a lot of tiny, uniform pieces of glitter and it's easy to control how much sparkle you want!
This is a must have glitter polish!  I will definitely be using it for a lot of fun holiday mani's!
11/22/2011 06:19:06 pm

Love it!!!!

11/22/2011 07:45:14 pm

I really enjoyed this post! I love your sense of style!

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11/26/2011 01:32:38 am

Very cute! :) I've been experimenting with different glitters lately too - so festive!



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