I had to buy this running skort. Had to. Even though I am not running right now, or even walking faster then a turtle with a bum leg, it totally made sense to get it. I mean, it is hot pink and awesome, and I love running skorts. A lot.

Here is a little screen shot for you since I could not figure out how to save the picture alone.

This is my second running skort from Target. And I think they have improved their fit. The length is awesome and I am in love with the waistband. I just have the front part folded under my bump, but the sides are nice and smooth and do not give any of that ugly muffin top appearance.

Unless we are taking about my frontal muffin top...boom! Shameless 35 week belly pic for ya.  Even Boo thinks I am crazy.

Have a great weekend! Go find a Target running skort before I buy them all!

6/28/2013 11:40:00 pm

u r so cute! dont even look pregnant from the front shot!!! ive never seen targets skorts in stores- have u? i wanna try one on!

6/29/2013 02:43:47 am

Aw thanks! I actually bought this one in the store, it might be new, so maybe it's heading your way soon!


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