Let's chat about the most under-utilized shoe in my closet: flats. I really love a super high wedge or a painfully tall pump, but there is definitely something to be said about a great pair of flats too. I mean obviously they are way more comfy then my other shoes, but more importantly, they come in so many great colors and patterns and are the perfect way to add a little pop of somethin' to an outfit. And, they are usually much cheaper than other shoes, can't complain about that right?

They can dress up a pair of slacks or jeans or give a cute and comfy touch to an outfit with tights.  However you want to wear them, they are definitely going to add a fun touch to your look!
11/9/2011 09:43:51 pm

Definitely a huge flats fan - they are super chick as well. :)
Lovely post!

Hope we can follow one another. :)


11/10/2011 09:21:39 am

I wear flats all the time to work. I'm a counselor at all alternative school so heels are really practical for me. I love all these options. My next flats purchase will b the leopard print Toms.


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