I received these bad boys in the mail today and they are my new obsession.  At least for this week.
Old Navy Tall Sueded Rider Boots
Reg. $46.94
Sale $39.50 & $34.50
I purchased these (in the brown)  because I had a 30% coupon, but now they are on sale for your buying enjoyment.  They received mixed reviews from the buyers on the Old Navy website, but I can tell you I love them.  They fit loosely on my legs, giving the elusion that my legs are thinner.  I will most definitely be basing my St. Patrick's Day outfit around them!
3/16/2012 08:42:30 am

Love the boots. I think Josh married his mother. Someone who loves shoes, finding a sale and uses the fact they have a coupon as a reason for a purchase. Just ask your father-in-law.


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