Mr. Benjamin had his first date last night with his trainer.  I would say it went pretty darn well.
Benny agrees.  He's just trying to play it cool.

After the training sesh the hubs and I had a little date night.  I tried out my new semi-high wasted shorts for the first time.  Not totally sure what I think about them.  They are actually supposed to be worn a little higher, but then I felt like they were too short.
Top: H&M, Shorts: Target, Necklace: Target, Sandals: Super crazy old, so old they broke halfway thru the training sesh and never made it to the date...oh well, I guess I will have to go shopping

I also added a big, flowy, white scarf before going out.

Have a great weekend everyone!
5/4/2012 05:56:11 pm

Cute outfit! love the shirt and necklace! shorts look like a skirt in pic-look comfy yet chic tho :) glad Benny had a good date too!


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