I am a pinterest addict, and I saw this scarf on there that inspired me to try and make my own!
I went to the fabric store with the intention of getting a navy jersey material and some lace.  However, I saw this fabric in the clearance section and I had to have it!  I got one yard.
So, I just kind of made this up, but I'll tell you what I did.  It was very simple.  This fabric is a gorgeous, stretch jersey and it was very forgiving with any sewing mishaps.  The long and short of it is you sew the fabric into a tube, turn it right-side-out, close the seam, and sew the ends together.  But here are more details.

1. Take the piece of fabric and fold it in half with the good side on the inside.
2. Trim the open edges to the desire size that you want.  I didn't change the length that they gave me (because I wanted to double wrap it when wearing it), I cut the width to about 17 inches wide (once sewn it was about 16 inches wide).  I would recommend going a little narrower, maybe cutting to about 15 inches because my scarf turned out a little bulky.
3. Pin the open edges so they don't shift in the sewing machine.  Start on one corner and sew all the way around leaving just a little opening at the end to pull it right-side-out.  (If you have ever sewn a pillow it's the same concept).  The picture below shows the size of the opening I left.
4. Pull the fabric right-side-out through the opening and carefully hand stitch the opening closed.
5. Line up your two edges so the tube makes a big oval and hand stitch them together as cleanly as possible.  This is the only rough seam, so it can be worn in the back of your neck, and depending on the fabric you use it might not be that noticeable anyway.
And now prepare yourself for the best quality and flattering pictures to make it onto my little ol' blog thus far.  In my defense, my photographer/fiancé was already asleep and I had to show off my finished product!  You have been warned!
Please excuse the crazy eyes and double chin.  If you squint a little when you look at it, it's not as bad!
I feel like the pictures are very disappointing-I swear it's really cute!  I will wear it in an outfit post, hopefully soon, so you can get a better idea of what it looks like.  It really did come out great, I will definitely be wearing it!  I will also be making more, but I will make them a little bit narrower.  So simple-and it would make a great gift!
9/15/2011 04:03:03 pm

This seems pretty simple...thanks for sharing :) I'm always looking for a great diy.


9/15/2011 05:24:14 pm

awesome. i love DIY posts


9/16/2011 08:58:15 am

Wow!! LOVE it and so glad you said it would make a great gift! Score :)


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