This weekend I decided it was time to get Home Goods happy and spend some hard earned cash on new things for the house!  I love Home Goods.  The hubby does not, I had to promise him lunch at one of his fav restaurants to get him to agree.  One of the items I was hunting for was a new table runner, I definitely scored a great one at Home Goods!
The table runner was only $12.99 and it is perfect for the room!  I spruced it up some more with a pair of dark wood candle stick holders from target and one of my favorite decorative purchases ever, monogrammed glass balls (they have both my husband and I's first initial and the initial of our last name).  I got them a long time ago at the Christmas Tree Shop for about a buck each.
I love my post holiday dining room face lift!
1/15/2012 04:06:40 am

Like. And of course like the balls.

1/15/2012 12:50:16 pm

Thanks, we def have great taste!

7/30/2012 09:40:48 pm

Lighting decoration in house is very important aspects.Such a nice candle holder and great work of creativity and it is great idea to make candles stand more beautiful.


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