If you have read any of my outfit posts, you may notice that I love me a belt!  Here are some of my favs out there for your on-line shopping needs.
I really love these belts from Forever21.  I may have to get one in each color.  They are only $6.80!  I love using my wide, stretchy belts with dresses and skirts to give them a different look and get more wear out of them.
I love this color and I love the double braided look!  This belt from H&M is $9.95 and would be perfect to cinch an oversized collared shirt or cardi!
Need to add a little color to an outfit?  How about a little punch of color with one of these belts?  At only $2.50 each, how can you pass them up?!
This semi-rugged, but chic toggle hook belt would be the perfect way to cinch a frilly or flowy outfit.  It's on sale at Express for just $17.94.
This belt from Urban Outfitters may be the most expensive on the list ($29), but it would be a good investment if you have a lot of weddings or semi-formal events to attend.  I love belts like these because I can wear them at the waste of a dress or with a skirt and make the outfit look totally different than the previous time I wore it.  Plus, who doesn't love sparkly things?

Have a great weekend!  I will be sure to take outfit pics from the bachelorette party to share!
9/10/2011 08:49:56 am

what a great post, keep up the good work!


9/11/2011 07:06:50 am

love the belts! so cute!


9/11/2011 10:41:01 pm

Love/Obsessed with all of the belts. And it should be noted that the "semi-rugged" one is adjustable (I checked the website). I love it when they are adjustable in the back (I'm assuming) because you can wear it as a traditional belt your waist.

Can't wait to hunt for these belts. They also make great gifts!

And the H&M Belt? Hello. Double Braid. Just as beautiful as a Double Rainbow. All the way across.

9/22/2011 01:47:15 pm

Love, love, love belts! Perfect way to cinch at the most flattering part and add another layer of style! Rock it!


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