I thought I would share some of my summer staples.  I like to mix it up with my summer wardrobe, but there are a few pieces that I just keep buying summer after summer!
H&M Romper $9.95

I bought one of these a few years ago (I actually wore it in this blog post) and I love this romper.  It is super comfy and simple.  You can dress it up with a statement necklace and some great sandals or pair with converse sneaks and make it casual.  PS: I cut the neck tie string off and always wear it strapless.  This year I bought the romper in this pretty chambray-like blue and the striped style as well.
Old Navy Twill Shorts (3 1/2") $19.94

I have been buying shorts from Old Navy every summer.  They wash really well, don't get wrinkled super easy, and  they fit great!
H&M Jersey Tank Top $5.95

I have these in every color.  They are really long and flowy if you are trying to cover your booty.  But, they also look cute tucked in or tied in a little knot to make them shorter.  And, c'mon, you can't beat the price!
And just a heads up: InFinnity Bibs is pairing up with Freshly Picked for a great giveaway! Keep an eye out this Friday for Finn's Freshly Picked review and the giveaway details!
Trying a new thing...yet again. I am starting small this year. I am going to try to do a weekly wrap up at the end of each week. In a perfect world it should be posted sometime between Thursday and Sunday. We shall see. I am going to include my current obsessions, any fabulous recipes we have had, and of course some Finnley love, along with whatever else happens to be going on.  And I will try to write more in between as well-likely story right?  Sound good? Ok then.

Currently loving...
Spot On Satin Shorts $17.80

I like the shorts over tights look when getting a little dressed up in colder months. I feel like shorts are more versatile and I can get a lot more wear out of them then a dress.
Tuxedo Jacket $34.95

I am looking for a great menswear jacket to put on over the basic jeans and white t shirt look that I typically wear.
Ballet Flats $12.95

I am really into a pop of red right now. These ballet flats would provide just that.
We tried a few new recipes this week. The goal for the week was finding something quick and easy. We lucked out with the 2 news things we tried.
I made this Smoked Sausage & Polenta recipe, but I used extra red peppers and jalapeño chicken sausage. The highlight was the parsley pesto. I want to make some and keep it in the fridge to sprinkle on everything. Garlicky deliciousness.
Skinny Chicken Parm...so good. And I used the thin sliced chicken breasts so it cooked up super quick.
And just a quick "hello" from Finn! Have a great weekend!

With the holidays coming up quick, I like to keep my eye out for some great dresses. H&M has been killing it lately, I just to had to snag these 3.
Satin Dress $24.95

This is a possibility for Christmas Day. I never wear red, so I am really branching out here. I am such a dare devil.
Satin Dress $19.95

I am not sure what I will wear this to, but the fact that it was so cheap and really pretty sold me.

Lace Dress $34.95

This dress is for Finns baptism this weekend. I think the whole lace skater dress look is a little played out, but I love this blue color and for some reason I find the lace on this particular dress really pretty.

Sorry for my little hiatus-I am trying to find a happy balance with everything I used to accomplish + a baby now, and the blog needed a few weeks break so I could catch up with other things. With that said, here is a quick list of my current obsessions. Spoiler alert: the list is very Target heavy-they are bringing their A game this season.
Mossimo Kamari Tall Buckle Boots $39.99

I love the slightly distressed look and the tabs at the top that stick out and give the allusion of a longer and slimmer leg.
Mossimo Vernie Pump $29.99

Speaking of giving the allusion of long legs, how about some nude pumps? I love the simplicity of these heels...and that they are not 5 inches tall!
This picture shows 2 of my fav things right now. I love this statement necklace that I purchased from Groopdealz (it currently is not on the site)-here is a very similar/possibly identical option for a little more money. Also, I love love love Finns pacifier clips. They are from Etsy. The seller does a beautiful job with the construction, there are so many cute little details!
Here is Finn first thing in the morning. She is not for sale-but she is currently my biggest obsession. I am taking applications for a glam squad for that mess of hair she is rockin.

Ok, maybe that is a little dramatic, but you can now shop online at H&M!  This made my day.  I have already made some purchases!
These ballet flats are super light and comfy and are only $12.95.  I got them in gray and black.  I figure I should have some more flat shoes since carrying around a baby in 5 inch wedges is not the ideal situation for a clumsy person.
I purchased this chiffon dress in the navy color option for an upcoming wedding.  It is only $29.95 and I am pretty impressed with the quality of it.
Spolier Alert:  This is part of Finns Halloween costume, but their kids/baby section is available online too.
I have not purchased anything from the Home section of H&M online, but they have a really cool selection.  How great are these placemats?  I love the utensil pocket!
And how cute are these hand towels?

I need to put myself on an online H&M budget asap.

...never hurt anyone. Right?

Old Navy and Gap online have been clearancing out a lot of clothes since the seasons are changing and they have been giving 20% and 30% off promotions like it is their job. What is a girl stuck at home with a newborn supposed to do? Here are some of my purchases that I am loving.
Old Navy Jersey Tube Rompers

(on sale right now, limited sizes left, and available online only)

I actually bought these in the beginning of the summer (I got the black and the navy print), but I was waiting to share until I did an OOTD post. Since they are not going to be available much longer I thought I would share them now. They are super comfy, wash great, and can be dressed up or worn casual. I have a picture of me wearing the navy print, but I wasn't trying to showcase the outfit, so it is not the best picture.
Oh wait, little 5 day old Finn is in the picture, so I guess it is a great pic after all.
GapFit Breathe long sleeve hoodie

$36.95 (but I had 30% off too)

I love the look of this hoodie, kinda like half tunic, half hoodie. I bought it in a heathered purple color, but that seems to have sold out already.
I have been eyeing these Nike Free's for a few weeks now. They are on sale at FinishLine.  I love my Free's, besides long runs (not that I am allowed to run yet), I wear mine all the time. They are so comfortable.  I have a bright teal pair that are my go-to option right now, but I like that these are a little more neutral.

To buy or not to buy, that is the question...

I had to buy this running skort. Had to. Even though I am not running right now, or even walking faster then a turtle with a bum leg, it totally made sense to get it. I mean, it is hot pink and awesome, and I love running skorts. A lot.

Here is a little screen shot for you since I could not figure out how to save the picture alone.

This is my second running skort from Target. And I think they have improved their fit. The length is awesome and I am in love with the waistband. I just have the front part folded under my bump, but the sides are nice and smooth and do not give any of that ugly muffin top appearance.

Unless we are taking about my frontal muffin top...boom! Shameless 35 week belly pic for ya.  Even Boo thinks I am crazy.

Have a great weekend! Go find a Target running skort before I buy them all!

Besides getting as much sleep as possible on my day off this week, I also have a few random things to share with you.
I have been eyeballing these condiment containers at Target for a while. And then today, boom, they were on clearance. Sold.
Even though the spoons are colors appropriate for ketchup, relish, and mustard, the jars are not labeled. This is perfect because I want to use them for Mexican nights in our house-think guacamole, salsa, and cheese or something like that. Moving on to dinner tonight...
Thai Sweet and Spicy Shrimp Pizzas from SkinnyTaste
(Be jealous of my amazing photography skills).
This is a great quick and easy recipe to keep on hand for when you have no idea what to make for dinner.  I used the Flatout thin crust flatbreads that I talked about here.  And the only other thing I did differently then the recipe was I layered baby spinach on the crust before adding the cheese, just to sneak in some veggies.

And then there is this...
My current motto in life.
We are enjoying our "staycation babymoon" this week, so posts are going to be minimal until next week. But I wanted to share some treats I found that I might just have to purchase-they can be my babymoon souvenirs!
Mossimo Womens Hi-Lo Dress
The blue ombré is even prettier in person.
Mossimo Knit Maxi Dress
$25 (on sale)
Again, in person this dress looks way different. It has more structure to it, and a little slit on the one side. It is so much cuter then any of the other striped maxis out there, if you have been looking for one.

Bonus: neither of them are maternity, so I can wear them post pregnancy too!

See you next week!
But I have only recently heard about Groopdealz. It's this great website with discounts on the cutest stuff. I have purchased a bunch of jewelry and some cute baby accessories over the past couple of months. I'm thinking about buying my first article of clothing. I'm really liking this dress (I have a thing for elbow patches right now):
But in black or white. Or both. You have to check the site frequently because things are usually on sale for only a day or so, and some things sell out kinda quick.

It doesn't cost anything to join the site and you can pay with Paypal which makes it super easy (and dangerous) to buy things.

It's definitely worth taking a look.  You can find cute and inexpensive gifts here too!