2013 was amazing...we are excited to see what 2014 has in store for us!
Happy New Year!

Finn turned 5 months old over the weekend...what?! How did this happen? I cannot believe it has been 5 months. It is amazing how much she has changed. I feel like we went from the brand new baby phase where we spoke completely different languages and could not figure eachother out...to the best friends phase. And it was in the blink of an eye. A really sleepless, emotional roller coaster blink if an eye. But I am already over that. **earmuffs hubby** I am ready for like 4 more babies now.
And my new life theme is "just do the best you can".  So, with that said, blogging is included and instead of being stressed about a month going by without posting, I will just post when I can and leave it at that. When I am not at work, I am taking in all the Finn time I can, and sitting down on the computer does not always fit in to that equation. But I will do the best I can! Thank you all for still stopping by! Happy holidays! Merry Christmas Eve to those who are celebrating!
Just a few of my current obsessions to pass the time.

Current in Clothing:
I feel like the sweater fits a little more tight then I prefer, but if you get a size up it's flowy and has a dramatic high-low which hides the booty.
Current in DIY:
Awesome DIY for the dogs! Freeze water and/or broth with toys and treats in it. This will keep them busy for hours this summer!

Current in Food (except my food preferences change about every 30 seconds):
Florida's Natural Fruit Snacks

These fruit snacks are super chewy and satisfy my candy craving for only 50 calories a pack.

Currently Making Me Laugh:
Anyone who has a dog can definitely agree with this!
I hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day weekend! The end of last week and the weekend have been packed with a ton of great activities for us.  I am hiding from the heat of the BBQ for a minute to write a quick summary.

First up: The third annual mother daughter birthday celebration
(our mom's bdays are 1 day apart)!
P.S.: My shirt is from this post and it's still available online.

Then my little brother went to prom.  Which made me feel super old. 
We basically look like twins... with completely different parents.  His date was so cute, I just cropped her out because I'm not sure she wants to be on the huge superstar blog I have.

Friday night we went on a double date with my SIL.  I decided to wear my Look for Less colorblock shift dress and just restyle it a little.
Dress: Forever21, Clutch: Forever21, Sandals: Target

On Saturday our cute little town had their annual May Fair and we walked and shopped with these clowns:
Those 2 have faces only a mother can love.

Then Sunday we attended a beautiful wedding in the city.
Congrats to Eric & Meredith!
(the dress is from this post)

So, at the end of all of that, we are BBQ'ing with some great friends and enjoying lazy beers while the bugs eat us alive.  But there is no other way I want to spend Memorial Day!  I hope everyone had an amazing weekend as well!
I am going to stray from my usual-type post to give a little weekend recap in pictures.  It was super busy mostly due to the fact that Mr. Benjamin had his 6 months old boy surgery (ouch!) and he handled it exceptionally poor.  As in removing his own stitches, falling down the stairs, being a huge baby kind of poor.  So, in Cheap & Chic fashion, we purchased a lovely new necklace for him.  It's going to be all the rage this summer.
He learned how to smile with his eyes from Tyra-he's good isn't he? Yup, so anyways, he ran into everything with this baby on.  He also had a panic attack on the way home from the vet and he did some kind of cirque du soleil move where he launched himself into the front seat thus shifting the car into neutral and erasing all the channel presets.  But that's neither here nor there.  By the end of the afternoon both me and my conehead dog deserved a beer.  Mostly me I suppose, but he snuck a sip...(please do not contact the ASPCA, no dogs were hurt in this post...and he loves beer, so it's all good).
Then the hubs and I went out with some friends for a little bday celebration.  Here are the lovely ladies...and then me too.
It was a very fun night.  After which I promptly passed out on the couch.  But apparently Benny left me a toy to play with in case I woke up early.  What a sweet boy.  P.S. this is a legit photo (I was out.  Cold.).  I live a super fabulous life.
Saturday there was a lot more of this going on...
Of course, a little hockey action (clearly this pic was taken in the first period when happiness still existed in life).
Sunday I went to a great charity event with my MIL and friends.  Naturally, I didn't take a single photo (and I actually looked semi-decent compared to the rest of these photos-I swear).  Worst blogger ever.  It was also gross and pouring rain all day, so I was able to get some solid cuddle time in. 

With Benny of course, not the hubby.
He just loves to cuddle.  Can't you tell by his body language?
Just kidding.  He's a 65 pound cuddlebug.  Don't you just love the pure exhaustion on our faces?  I do.  It's hard doing mixed martial arts with a great dane mix.

So that's about it.  Somewhat boring and super exhausting.  And full of injuries from that darn cone (mostly I was injured not so much Benny).  I hope you all had a great weekend and I hope this made you laugh at least a little!  Normal posting will resume tomorrow!
This big boy kept us very busy yesterday while we spent time with the family.  So I am taking a day off from posting today to rest up and find some great things for the rest of the week.  I hope you all had a great weekend!
I am so excited that it is the first day of Spring!  I have been enjoying the warm weather and I can't wait to dive in to all the fun things that Spring will bring!

First off, spending lots of time with these little monsters outside...
Our poor neighbor's think his name is "Sit" and hers is "No Barking".  They are a work in progress those 2.

I have already started to keep more fresh flowers in the house.  I spruced up this wall a little bit:
Before: Wall with candle holders all filled with tea lights.
After: Pretty purple tulips mixed in with the tea lights.  The perfect little face lift for the wall!
Our favorite new cocktail for Spring: Pimm's Cup

For 1 cocktail:

2 slices cucumber
1 1/2 shots Pimm's #1
Diet Ginger Ale
Lemon Juice

1. Muddle the cucumber in the bottom of a glass and fill the glass with ice.
2. Add Pimm's #1 and then top with ginger ale and a splash of lemon juice.
3. Stir and enjoy!

What are you looking forward to this Spring?

Also, check out A Cheap Chic Life's Facebook page, I posted an amazing tutorial I found on 16 ways to wear a scarf!
Christmas was awesome this year.  We had such a great time with our families and the pups!  I wanted to share a few of my fav gifts!
This was a Christmas present to me!  I have to share because these shoes are  super cheap, super comfy, and super cute-all my favorites.  You must buy, I mean  if you are into this sort of thing.  I wore them with skinny jeans and my extra wide flare jeans and they looked great with both.  I am in love.  I will def be posting an outfit post with them soon!
My fabulous in-laws got my a lot of great gifts, but this was definitely one of the coolest.  It's the best of the best OPI mini collection.  How cool is that?  They know me so well!
This is the photo from the website (I don't know those people inside the globe).  One of my fav gifts from the hubby was a personalized snow globe that he put wedding photos in and engraved.  I am a huge sap for things like this, and it was a total surprise.
Prepare for some Monday randomness.  I don't really know how to tell you about some of these things without this random mash-up of a post.  So, these are some of my favorite things (recipes, great finds, and what-nots)!
Drop everything and go get yourself some pretzels, rolos, and pecans, this is not a drill.  This is real life.  Serious.  You will never bake another dessert again.
If you are an egg nog lover, you must try Silk's Nog.  It is delish and it's so much less fat and cals then the original stuff.   Just 90 calories and 2 grams of fat for half a cup!
Every once and a while Target has their Home brand picture frames.  They come in all different beautiful finishes.  I purchased a bunch of antiqued silver finish frames 3 years ago for my master bedroom and I still love them.  I just bought a bunch more for framing some wedding photos.  They are super cheap (around 5-9 bucks a frame depending on the size).  If you are in the market for a bunch of frames, you can definitely decorate on the cheap with these!
I really love this Melie Bianco, Scout Mini Cross Body Bag and Belt Bag.  It's the perfect sized bag for a night out or for doing your holiday shopping with!  It also comes with an option to where it around your waist.