I had to buy this running skort. Had to. Even though I am not running right now, or even walking faster then a turtle with a bum leg, it totally made sense to get it. I mean, it is hot pink and awesome, and I love running skorts. A lot.

Here is a little screen shot for you since I could not figure out how to save the picture alone.

This is my second running skort from Target. And I think they have improved their fit. The length is awesome and I am in love with the waistband. I just have the front part folded under my bump, but the sides are nice and smooth and do not give any of that ugly muffin top appearance.

Unless we are taking about my frontal muffin top...boom! Shameless 35 week belly pic for ya.  Even Boo thinks I am crazy.

Have a great weekend! Go find a Target running skort before I buy them all!

I know I have mentioned this before, but I am the worst person at experimenting with make-up.  I pretty much just wear a little powder and mascara and call it a day.  But I am working on being a little more adventurous.  I have found that I really like some of the new L'Oreal products.
L'Oreal Infallible 24 hr eye shadow in Iced Latte
This eye shadow is awesome!  I haven't tried it for 24 hrs yet-but it really stays on all day and night.  And this color is perfect for lightening up your eyes a little but still being natural.
L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara
I love this mascara.  It has a super thin wand which makes it very easy to prevent clumping and add some great length.
L'Oreal Colour Riche Balm SPF 15 in Rose Elixir
I like these tinted lip balms better then the Ulta brand one which I have mentioned before.  They add subtle color and make your lips really soft.
I am the worst at trying new make-up.  I stick with my Bare Minerals and the same old mascara I have been using for years (I mean a new tube of course, that sounded bad).  But, the other day I decided to try some new things.  Nothing crazy...just a different bronzer and a tinted chapstick, but I thought I would share them because I really like them a lot.  They are in the regular routine now.
I am not a lipstick person at all, but I wanted to add a little color when I go out.  I tried Ulta's tinted lip balm.  It's only $6.  I purchased the color "Sweet" and it's the perfect amount of color and a little shimmer.
I switched to the Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Bronzer, Blush, & Eye Shadow from my regular Bare Minerals Bronzer.  This product allows me to blend whatever shade I want to give myself a little or a lot of color.  It also has a slight shimmer to it, so I feel like I have a nice beachy glow.

Any products that you have tried and are now in love with?  I wish I was more daring when it comes to this stuff...
I am not a huge product person.  I use Bare Minerals make-up and Suave hairspray.  I get interested in trying new products, but then I don't feel like spending the money on something that I may not like and can't return.  However, there are always exceptions, and something about this product caught my eye.  This product review is for Big Sexy Hair, Powder Play (just under $15 at Ulta).  It's a voluminizing and texturizing powder. 
I have flat, flat, flat and super straight long hair. I don't usually have time to blowdry it, and I was intrigued by this product because it claims that you can put it in your dry hair and get an instant lift. So here goes:
Before                                                    After
Before                                                After
I have been trying to rock the side braid lately, but since my hair is so fine, there wasn't much to my braid (as you can see in the before pic).  I put some of the powder in my hair and look how full my braid was!  The stuff really does works for me!  I'm not doomed to flat hair!
(Please excuse the comfy outfit.)
Pros: volume, volume, volume!
Cons: A little tricky to work with at first.  It makes your hair, for lack of a better word, clingy.  Since my hair is so fine, it gets tangled really easily, so I had to be careful not to knot my hair up.

(Side comment: I'm not paid to endorse any products, labels, etc. I just like to share my personal experiences.  This product review could have turned into an epic fail, but it actually worked for my hair type.)