To Buy:

These earrings from Etsy.  I love the minimalist look.  I want in silver and gold because I can't get enough of the mixed metal look right now!

To Try:

I Found this on Pinterest--A Watermelon Breeze: 3 cups cubed chilled watermelon, 1 cup coconut water, juice of 1 fresh lime, ice if desired, sprig of mint.  Put all ingredients in blender. Blend until smooth. Makes two servings.  Sounds so refreshing for the summer!

And then there's my constant obsession:

Pigtails, Pools, and Sun Hats...summer must be here!

Don't forget to check out the Etsy Shop for lots of new summer InFinnity Bib styles!  I also have a deal going on right now: 3 bibs for $30.  Use code: three4thirty at checkout!
I am getting the itch to make some changes in house.  This of course leads to many hours scouring Pinterest for ideas which is then followed with many more hours of figuring out how to complete these projects on a budget.
If the title of this article didn't win me over, the use of inexpensive Ikea shelving to create amazing floor to ceiling storage did.  I have been searching for ideas for storage in the playroom that still fit with the aesthetic of our home, and this is perfect!   I can't wait to start designing the playroom now!
We recently re-did our downstairs bathroom and now I want to start re-doing the upstairs one too.  I am not ready to fully make it over and spend a lot of money, so I am trying to find little things that I can do myself to give the bathroom a little facelift.  While searching for inspiration I saw these pictures of vanities made out of different materials.  I love this idea!  While I may not be able to complete this particular aspect of the bathroom right now, I definitely pinned it for later.
My Quick & Easy Recipe of the Week:  Clean Eating Southwest Meatball Skillet

This is a go-to recipe in our house.  It takes less then 20 minutes to make and we usually have the ingredients on hand.  We typically serve it over brown rice or quinoa, and I always add a little of the sauce from a can of chiles in adobo sauce to spice it up a bit.
Go buy this.  Well, you can finish reading, but then go buy this.  It's amazingness covered in dark chocolate deliciousness.
And one more pic from Finn's half birthday photo shoot.  I just can't help myself!
I have been cooking a lot more lately now that I am in somewhat of a routine with Finn and I have made some amazing meals from recipes that I pinned a while back.

Pinch of Yum's Southwestern Quinoa and Black Bean Casserole

Sooo good. We make ours extra spicey by seasoning the peppers and onions as well as the quinoa. This is a great vegetarian meal. I made it one time with a layer of spicy ground turkey too and it was just as good!

Kevin & Amanda's Cheesy Chicken, Bacon, Broccoli, and Rice

This recipe makes it really easy to throw together a meal last minute. I used quinoa instead of rice when I made it, and it was a hit with my family.

Another one from the blog Pinch of Yum (btw everything looks amazing on this food blog), Chopped Brussels Sprouts Salad with Chicken and Walnuts
My mom made this one for us for lunch and it was incredible. If you love brussels sprouts, this is a MUST try for you!

Continuing with my quinoa kick, and now that we have much cooler up on my recipe list to try is this Lentil Soup with Chickpeas and Quinoa. I hope it comes out as good as it looks!

Any delish recipes that you have tried lately?

We have a few big projects to finish before our baby arrives this summer. I thought I would give you a sneak peak. Besides starting to turn the "walk-in-closet spare bedroom" into the nursery, here is what else we have coming up:
We live in a beautiful older home (built in 1890). So, instead of putting up the standard metal baby gates at the top and bottom of the stairs, I found this idea on Pinterest and we are going to try and create this look with an old interior wood door that matches the age of our home.
We are giving one of our bathrooms a little facelift and adding a bathtub (we do not have a bathtub anywhere in the house). The bathroom itself is not that big and it is very narrow. This makes storage space a little tricky. I found this idea on Pinterest as well and I think it would be a great way to add space to a small wall we have between the toilet and the shower. We will see if the contractor agrees...

That is all for now (we are doing a complete overhaul of our front and back yards and extending our driveway too, but I do not have any clever ideas for these projects-yet). I will try to pretend to be a good blogger and post before and after pics!
Time for a little Pinterest love...

Recipes first:
Tuscan Garlic Chicken

The pasta in this was delish. The chicken was just so-so. This is a very easy recipe though, I will definitely make it again, but I think I will sub shrimp in there for the protein.
Quinoa and Ground Turkey Stuffed Peppers

I love love love this recipe. Way better then my previous stuffed pepper recipe. And you will look super cool when you eat leftover quinoa in the lunchroom the next day.
I think this is super cute. I mean I can probably never pull this off, or even figure out how to tie it correctly, but I can try...
Totally making these for our little girl!

And just for fun...
Happy Wednesday!
I am still a Pinterest addict-my little blogging hiatus didn't change that. So I have a few recipes to share that I tried out and loved.
Oatmeal Applesauce Muffins

These muffins were incredibly easy to make...and in case you forgot I detest baking so the recipe has to be written at a 3 year old level for me to try it.
Honey Mustard Pretzel Chicken

This chicken was really good. I used thin sliced chicken because that's what I had and it only took 15 minutes to bake. The sauce is so good and it keeps the chicken super moist. This is going into the keeper recipes, just one slight change I think I will make. I am going to swap crushed pretzels for panko the next time because the pretzels were a little messy and I don't have a food processor, so they weren't small enough pieces for a pretty presentation.
Oh, and a quick update from yesterday. My interior decorator approves of the new pillows.
I have been itching for a new craft or project to tackle so I did some searching on Pinterest for ideas.  After about 20 (thousand) hours of staring and scrolling through the site, I came up with this little list.

And just for fun...
My Life.
I am just waiting for Pinterest wordage to be added to the dictionary!  I have been pinning a lot lately and the things that I want to try are really piling up.  I wanted to share some of my fav recipes (and not so favs) so far!  (Click on the picture to link to the pin.)  All the recipes below are super simple, so don't be intimidated to try them if you aren't the best in the kitchen!
Egg Muffins: Since it is getting so cold out, I wanted to have a quick and easy option for a hot breakfast in the morning.  I didn't follow this exact recipe, just the oven temp and cooking time.  I made mine with egg beaters, chopped broccoli, chopped ham, and a little bit of shredded mozzarella cheese.  Easy and delicious!
Lasagna Soup:  The picture sold me and once I made it and tried it, I was not disappointed.  So good!  I added a bag of fresh baby spinach to my pot.  I'm sure any veggies that you like in your lasagna would work perfectly with it!
Spinach & Feta Quesadillas: These ones were not my favorite.  They look so good in the pic, but when I made them, they were a little to spinach-y.  I love spinach, but it was over-powering.  If you are someone who has to have a concrete recipe, you might not like this one either, it is written in vague measuring terms.
Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps: I didn't follow the recipe for this one either, just used the concept with all the goodies that I usually put in my tacos.  They were so good, I didn't even miss the taco shell.  My only recommendation-make sure to drain the meat really well, and we double layered the lettuce, because they can get really messy.
Mashed Potato Puffs: I am on the fence with these.  I am not a big potato person, I made them more for my husband.  I think I need to tweak the recipe a little bit more.  I felt like they didn't have enough flavor.  I also recommend really whipping them with the hand mixer, I don't think I did it long enough and mine came out a little dense.  But, I am not quite giving up on them, hopefully round 2 will go better!

And as always feel free to follow me on Pinterest!