I cannot believe how fast this weekend went!  We love having the hubby home, so Finn and I were really excited to have the extra day this weekend.
I finally got to try out the jogging stroller for an actual jog.  "Someone" decided to start a screaming competition at the end of our morning walk which then turned into an impromptu jog.  Girlfriend was hangry (that is hungry + angry for those of you who are unsure).
We caught up on sleep...I kid, I kid...we have a 6 week old.  No one caught up on sleep but Benny Boy.  Oh well.
Some of us popped our collars and enjoyed our time with the family.
Some of us cut off 9 inches of hair.
Finn got to model her yellow polka-dot bathing suit.  She is so stylish.  Someday she will take over the blog...
And she went "swimming" for the first time.  She loved it, but somehow I think we loved it even more.  And obviously a baby with a full head of hair needs a matching swim cap for her suit.
Mommy and Daddy time included trying the #1 rated beer on The BeerAdvocate right now.  Out of control delish.
 I winded down the summer season with a great teal polish, Opi Cant Find a Czechbook.  I am excited to break out the Fall colors soon.
Finn is excited for Fall too.  She can finally break in her moccasins.  Happy 6 weeks to my baby!  She seems so big, but she is still just a little peanut!
For all the wonderful family and friends in my life who threw me a beautiful baby shower on Sunday! It was an amazing day and I want to post some of the pictures that people shared with me so those that were unable to travel can enjoy them. (If this post is not your cup of tea-I will try to post something less personal later in the week).
The beautiful grandmothers-to-be who planned the day.
The (almost) 4 generations.
The amazing shower cake-sooo good.
What an amazing day! The hubby and I are so grateful for everyones generosity and we can not wait until Finnley can use all of her gifts!
What a great week! We had the perfect mix of relaxing and going to small things we had planned. Starting with Mothers Day. The ladies took part in the Breast Cancer walk in Philadelphia and then the guys met us out for Mothers Day Brunch after.
Here is my mom and I and my baby daddy and I after brunch.

We tried to sleep in all week, but for some reason the dogs did not understand this concept. So, we enjoyed coffee out of our personalized mugs (a combo of our last names) and we took turns making breakfast for each other.
There is definitely a Benny head in the bottom of that picture. I swear, no personal space in this house.
Since the hubby was able to enjoy a variety of new beers, he decided he would perfect his mocktail for me so I could look fancy too. I think he went as far as muddling raspberries and mint together and then mixing some kind of seltzer concoction together for me. It was actually really delish.
This photo was taken after our couples massage. I think we are sleeping with our eyes open at this point, it was soooo relaxing!
One of the nice things about vaca was dressing like a real person all week. No scrubs for me!

This outfit: Forever21 top, Old Navy Maternity leggings, Target sandals (old), Forever21 necklace (also old)
These pics are from one of our date nights during the week. We tried a new-to-us restaurant in Philadelphia called Valanni. If you live in the area, I would definitely recommend it. They have a fabulous happy hour menu with half priced drinks and appetizers. The menu is mostly tapas style, which is my favorite because you get to try a variety of things.
This pic was from a surprise for the hubby. He always gets Cinnabon in the airport when we go on vacation, so I made him a Cinnabon breakfast in bed. What is with them letting dogs in at this resort? Seriously...they would not leave us alone.  I see her eyeing up my fruit.
Near the end of the week we went to a food truck festival in Philadelphia with some friends. It was a really cool experience. It was crazy crowded though, so the next time we go to one we will have a better game plan about how to navigate the food trucks and get food a little faster. We ended up going to a cart serving burritos (the alien growing inside of me cannot get enough Mexican food in her life). The burritos were seriously huge, so I was full after our first food truck. Typical. Oh well, next time I will be on a mission to try more things.

So, in summary, I think we did a pretty darn good job about enjoying our vacation time, even if we did not travel this time. No complaints here!
This weekend we got the answer to the question keeping us up all night: boy or girl? We had dinner with close friends and family (who showed what they guessed by wearing a pink or blue pin) and then we cut the reveal cake:
I was so nervous, crazy right...I mean this is no big deal right? And the result...
We are having a girl! I knew it, the hubby on the other hand was completely shocked. He had completely convinced himself we were having a boy. He could not stop smiling though, he is going to be such a sucker for a little girl.
We cannot wait to meet her! And now I can get my shop on for the nursery and clothes! We already made our first purchase this weekend:
How ridiculously cute are these bloomers? I was sold on the packaging! Obsessed.
This weekend has been a blur. We have been very busy with a bunch of house projects and then, not sure if you heard, but yesterday was St. Patrick's Day. Kind of a big deal around here since I married into an Irish family. Since I am out of commission in the drinking department, I thought I would make the food. We had:

Shepherds Pie (the recipe I showed you here)
Bangers & Mash (a recipe from Pinterest)
Irish Soda Bread (a la Wegmans-and it was seriously amazing)
This is the picture of the bangers and mash from the actual recipe-I served mine from a crockpot, so it made for a much less appealing photo. Oh well. My lack of profesh photo skills was outweighed by how ridiculously good this recipe was. I only want my mashed potatoes served with cabbage and bacon from now on. Period.
I hope you all had a great weekend!

This week is a big one for us. We have our 20 week ultrasound-fingers crossed we can find out the sex of the baby!
Girl or boy? We shall see...
We are huge fans of our town's farmer's market.  Since I have a normal person's schedule now, I can actually go every Saturday which is so exciting!  Here are some of our farmer's market purchases for this weekend:
We bought some fresh squash, romaine lettuce, raspberries, mushrooms, and onions as well as some skirt steak and hot pork sausages from the local grass-fed meat stand.  There is also a healthy dog treat stand, so we got the pups some good stuff since they accompanied us to the market.

We grilled everything up tonight and had a fabulous and fresh dinner to end our weekend.  We are really lucky with what our farmer's market has to offer.  Not only do they have a huge selection of fruits, veggies, and plants, but there is a local fresh fish stand, grass-fed meat, fresh breads, and cheeses are sold as well.  Super bonus: everyone is really dog friendly so these fools enjoyed themselves.
P.S. We tried to grill the romaine we bought to make a salad similar to this recipe that I posted way back here.  It actually turned out really well and it tasted like the one we love from a local restaurant.
I hope everyone had a great weekend!
The hubs and I have a tradition where we take random mornings and make them special by adding some Mimo's.  I guess it's important to explain that we call Mimosa's, Mimo's.  He also has introduced to me to the term clinking: cleaning + drinking (I knew my Irish husband would be good for somethin')!  Sometimes Mimos are part of clinking sessions as well, anyhow, I digress...

Exhibit A (Circa 2009):
The first time we were snowed in together.  It was Mimo time!  P.S. How sweet is my hair (tail) that I have going on in this picture?

But the real reason for this whole, long-winded explanation is that Friday morning was a designated Mimo morning (we seriously haven't done this in about 6 months, so I was really looking forward to it).  The special occasion this time...
We finally got to take Benny home!
He is a big, uncoordinated, bundle of joy that gives unending sloppy kisses and needs to pee at 4 AM.  He's pretty much  the best decision we ever made and our one and only black friday purchase of the year!
A Mimo Moment at it's finest!
I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Let the holiday shopping season begin!
I hope you all are enjoying your holiday and are eating some delish grub!  I will be grabbing a quick dinner with the fam and then heading to work.  So, instead of chowing down on turkey and doing this on Thanksgiving night...
The bestie and I will be making the best of the night saving lives and what not.  We are good at that...making the best of things I mean...
One drink? No worries, we have two straws.  See what I mean?  We are optimists.

But seriously...Happy Thanksgiving!!
The hubby and I went to dinner for one of our good friend's birthday (the one who took these awesome pictures).  Yo Matt, we love you like a fat kid love cupcake.
Please photoshop the light switch out with your eyeballs, thanks.  Our contribution to dinner was some delish cupcakes from our local cupcake shop! 

As for the outfit, I was super tired from working a few nights and kept it casual (I may actually be napping with my eyes open in this picture).
Blue top: Forever21, Tank: H&M, Scarf: Target, Necklace: Forever21, Leggings: H&M, Socks: Target, Boots: Minnetonka (seen here!)

The boots got to make their debut!  Soooo comfortable, I'm glad I got them!
It was a great night with some great people!
The day after my wedding we invited all of our close friends and family to our home for a BBQ.  Most of them had traveled to attend our big day, so we wanted to feed them before they went back home.  We had a whole pig, all different types of salads, the most delicious mini cupcakes from a local bakery, and of course, a nicely stocked bar. 

Since it was the morning after a big event with a lot of drinking, I thought it would be fun to have a Bloody Mary Bar.  Turns out, a lot of people loved it and we had to run out and get more bloody mary mix in the middle of the party.
I took the wedding colors and made a border around my sign and framed it in an extra frame I had.  The bloody mary mix was in a pitcher that I had painted a chalkboard square on for easy labeling (I had another chalkboard pitcher on the table with homemade lemonade).  If I had extra time I would have had different types of vodka for people to choose, but hey, I just got married, cut me some slack!

The best part of a make your own bloody mary bar is all the extras!  I had pickles, lemons, horseradish, olives, old bay seasoning,  and of course celery! 
I had it right in the center of the bar (which is why there are liquor bottles on the one side and OJ on the other).  It was really simple and inexpensive, but it really stood out from a basic bar set-up.  

My other favorite part was the straws!  Remember them?  I had posted about them way back here-people really liked them too!

By the way, the pictures above were taken by one of my best friends, you can check out his website to see more of his work!