I thought I would share some of my summer staples.  I like to mix it up with my summer wardrobe, but there are a few pieces that I just keep buying summer after summer!
H&M Romper $9.95

I bought one of these a few years ago (I actually wore it in this blog post) and I love this romper.  It is super comfy and simple.  You can dress it up with a statement necklace and some great sandals or pair with converse sneaks and make it casual.  PS: I cut the neck tie string off and always wear it strapless.  This year I bought the romper in this pretty chambray-like blue and the striped style as well.
Old Navy Twill Shorts (3 1/2") $19.94

I have been buying shorts from Old Navy every summer.  They wash really well, don't get wrinkled super easy, and  they fit great!
H&M Jersey Tank Top $5.95

I have these in every color.  They are really long and flowy if you are trying to cover your booty.  But, they also look cute tucked in or tied in a little knot to make them shorter.  And, c'mon, you can't beat the price!
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With the fall wedding season around the corner, I am always looking for inexpensive dresses to wear.  Not only to the wedding, but to the shower and other functions as well.  I am not a fan of wearing the same dress to more then one event, but I can justify it by not spending over $30 per dress...right?
Not for a wedding, although I wish it came in other colors because I really love this dress, but maybe a wedding or baby shower?  
I love how simple this dress is.  You can dress it up with a great statement necklace, simple strappy heels, and a coordinating clutch.  Easy, and you can re-wear it with different accessories and it would not be noticeable that it is the same dress.
There are so many variations of a lace shift dress out there right now, but for some reason, this one caught my eye.  I love the navy for one (I mostly see black and white options) and I like the lace on the bottom hem.

All of these dresses are from Forever21 and they are all under $30.  There are a lot of great options out there right now if you are in need of a few good dresses!
What a great week! We had the perfect mix of relaxing and going to small things we had planned. Starting with Mothers Day. The ladies took part in the Breast Cancer walk in Philadelphia and then the guys met us out for Mothers Day Brunch after.
Here is my mom and I and my baby daddy and I after brunch.

We tried to sleep in all week, but for some reason the dogs did not understand this concept. So, we enjoyed coffee out of our personalized mugs (a combo of our last names) and we took turns making breakfast for each other.
There is definitely a Benny head in the bottom of that picture. I swear, no personal space in this house.
Since the hubby was able to enjoy a variety of new beers, he decided he would perfect his mocktail for me so I could look fancy too. I think he went as far as muddling raspberries and mint together and then mixing some kind of seltzer concoction together for me. It was actually really delish.
This photo was taken after our couples massage. I think we are sleeping with our eyes open at this point, it was soooo relaxing!
One of the nice things about vaca was dressing like a real person all week. No scrubs for me!

This outfit: Forever21 top, Old Navy Maternity leggings, Target sandals (old), Forever21 necklace (also old)
These pics are from one of our date nights during the week. We tried a new-to-us restaurant in Philadelphia called Valanni. If you live in the area, I would definitely recommend it. They have a fabulous happy hour menu with half priced drinks and appetizers. The menu is mostly tapas style, which is my favorite because you get to try a variety of things.
This pic was from a surprise for the hubby. He always gets Cinnabon in the airport when we go on vacation, so I made him a Cinnabon breakfast in bed. What is with them letting dogs in at this resort? Seriously...they would not leave us alone.  I see her eyeing up my fruit.
Near the end of the week we went to a food truck festival in Philadelphia with some friends. It was a really cool experience. It was crazy crowded though, so the next time we go to one we will have a better game plan about how to navigate the food trucks and get food a little faster. We ended up going to a cart serving burritos (the alien growing inside of me cannot get enough Mexican food in her life). The burritos were seriously huge, so I was full after our first food truck. Typical. Oh well, next time I will be on a mission to try more things.

So, in summary, I think we did a pretty darn good job about enjoying our vacation time, even if we did not travel this time. No complaints here!
The hubby and I had decided way before we were pregnant that we would have to find out the sex of the baby. So now we are counting down the time until we go to our 20 week ultrasound appointment...3 weeks and 3 days... I wasn't kidding, we are literally counting.

I wanted to have a fun gender reveal party since I love any excuse to throw a party, but that was immediately veto'd by the father-to-be (since when does he have a say?). Instead, we came to an agreement to have an intimate dinner party at our favorite local restaurant and cut a reveal cake at the end of dinner. This is not stopping me from purchasing a few small trinkets to make the dinner more personal and fun.
I found these pins on Etsy (there are actually a bunch of different pins and other great gender reveal ideas on Etsy if you are in the market for that sort of thing). I will ask our guests to place their vote for girl or boy and wear their pin for the reveal.
I have also already planned my outfit for the night-shocking I know. The hubby and I will wear neutral colors so as not to sway the voters. I bought this white dress from Forever21, at $14.50 it was a great deal!

The dinner is actually a month away from tomorrow, so I have a little more time to purchase a million more things. I can't help myself, I'm so excited!
I can't believe two weeks went by that fast!  I missed blogging while I was away, and I will try to make up for it since I'm back!  Here is my 2 weeks in pictures (and some words too)...

Starting with, getting married!
My gown is by Tara Keely, you can see it here.
And then there was the honeymoon!  We went to a Sandals in St. Lucia.  First some of the fun outfits... 
Brown tropical dress: I bought at Ross about 5 years ago and never had a place to wear it-until now!  Purple maxi dress: seen here.  Purple silky tank: H&M (love these!  About $8 and great layering pieces!).  White strapless dress: seen here.

This was my favorite purchase for the trip:
My new sun hat from Call it Spring-it was on clearance for $14!
This was my favorite outfit from the trip:
This awesome jade green, one shoulder ruffle dress was a great find at Forever21!

And finally, some of the fun that we had...
We went on a bike ride to a beautiful waterfall-it was my first waterfall!  It was freezing cold, but it was worth it!  But even more awesome then that...
I got to paddle board for the first time!!!  I am obsessed!  If this could be my primary mode of transportation I would not complain.  The hubster was a little upset because I stood right up and paddled away, but by the end he was an addict too!

Phew!  I know that a lot, but I was gone for a while and I had a lot to say!  I hope you enjoyed!