...our family grew again! Miss Finnley Susannah was born July 21st at 1:21 in the afternoon. At 13 days early she was a solid 7lb 5oz and 20.5 inches long. Here are some photos from the first few days with our little Finn.

We are so lucky to have Finn in our lives!

Now I can resume posting, but I might have to throw in some baby pictures and baby fashion too...you have been warned!

I'm baaaaacckk! There was a little glitch with starting Shoes, Sweat, & Beers, and it had to do with my lack of beer drinking. Which was only an issue because I went and got knocked up. Oops. No worries though, we are super excited for Baby Pop 'N Locke to arrive this summer!  Here is our pregnancy announcement photo...a play off of our engagement photo (which also happens to be the photo at the top of the blog).  The photo was taken by our awesome friend/photographer, check him out here: yomattfoto.com.
So, to add a little extra excitement to my life I thought I would restart my personal blog. For those of you who aren't pregnant, don't worry, there will still be plenty of non-pregnancy info to entertain you. But of course, I will have a few cheap & chic baby posts too! And naturally, no shortage of puppy pics!
Here's our Benny all grown up and ridiculously cute!
Big news going on over here.  I have been missing in action because I have changed over to a new blog.  Check it out:


It is a little less fashion and a little more about general lifestyle things, working out, and nutrition.  And the same ol' sarcasm.  And the best part?  There are 2 of us posting!  Check it out and get to know Ehren and continue to read my ramblings!
Hopefully we can entertain you!  And thank you for all the support with A Cheap Chic Life!
But first, a little post Mother's Day love for my mom!  She did the breast cancer walk in the morning with family and then I met up with everyone for a delish brunch.
Happy (day after) Mother's Day!

Now onto to the new life.  In my non-blogging world I am starting a new job this week.  It comes with the following perks: no more nightshift (!), a normal person schedule, I will actually see my husband and puppies 7 days a week, and I can reduce the size of the bags under my eyes!  But seriously, I am entering a totally different area in the nursing world and I am very excited.  But with that said, posting will most likely be more sporadic over the next few weeks as I adjust to being a normal person that doesn't blog and catch up on dvr at 4 AM.  So, unless you want a bunch of outfit posts with me in this sexy number...
I may be taking a few days off here and there.  I was going to put the blog on hold all together, but I had a few complaints (love you guys), so I will do the best I can.  So, it may not be one post a day for a bit, but I will try to find some extra good stuff when I do post!

If you aren't following on facebook or bloglovin' it makes it easier to track when I do post.  If you are interested in that sort of thing.
Happy New Year everyone!  I made a few changes to my blog layout if you want to check it out.  The links across the top of the page are for navigating, and, drumroll please...I added a new part to the blog!  I am by no means going to become a fitness blog, it would be very pathetic compared to my two favs SR and HRG, but I have added a new section for the new year.  My new year's resolution is to run 5oo miles.  Yup.  It may not seem like much to some, but I haven't been seriously running and training in 2 years.  So, for more info about that section of the page you can check out what I post on there!

In other news, how about a holiday recap in pictures?  Ok then.
Our Christmas Family photo.  Josh and I color coordinated with the purple.  All 4 of us chose to have crazy camera flash reflective eyes.  We like to plan this stuff out.
Our festive fireplace.
Some random photos from our New Years Eve set-up.  I tried the new SkinnyGirl cocktail-so good!  And I made the drunkin' bears...you must try them, they were definitely a hit!
The New Years Eve outfit (dress seen here).  Drink of choice: Dirty Shirley (cherry vodka, diet sprite, and a cherry).
Under the mistletoe, our first NYE as a married couple!  He even coordinated his outfit. This marriage may  last afterall!
The dogs all day on new year's...the only time they have gotten along.
The hubs and I have a tradition where we take random mornings and make them special by adding some Mimo's.  I guess it's important to explain that we call Mimosa's, Mimo's.  He also has introduced to me to the term clinking: cleaning + drinking (I knew my Irish husband would be good for somethin')!  Sometimes Mimos are part of clinking sessions as well, anyhow, I digress...

Exhibit A (Circa 2009):
The first time we were snowed in together.  It was Mimo time!  P.S. How sweet is my hair (tail) that I have going on in this picture?

But the real reason for this whole, long-winded explanation is that Friday morning was a designated Mimo morning (we seriously haven't done this in about 6 months, so I was really looking forward to it).  The special occasion this time...
We finally got to take Benny home!
He is a big, uncoordinated, bundle of joy that gives unending sloppy kisses and needs to pee at 4 AM.  He's pretty much  the best decision we ever made and our one and only black friday purchase of the year!
A Mimo Moment at it's finest!
I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Let the holiday shopping season begin!
After giving it a lot of thought, I decided to.......drum roll please......

Cut my hair!!!

The Before:
The Inspiration:
The After:
I just need to add a little of my favorite hair product since I am terrible at getting volume when I blowdry my hair.  I had a little over 10 inches cut off to donate to Locks of Love, and then they had to cut off about an inch more for styling.  What do you think?  It's a huge change, and it's taking me a little while to adjust, but I think I like it!