Hi! It's been a looooong time.  My apologies.  I have been spending most of my free time sewing like a crazy person in preparation for some upcoming InFinnity Bib events!  But, before I get into that, how about a few updates.  First up, this kid:
I just love her so much, she makes me smile all day long.  And we are finally getting our kitchen put back together!  Hooray for almost having a sink and a dishwasher again!  With the reinstallation of the kitchen cabinets came a few updates to Finn's playroom.  The biggest of which is my mini office area, so we can spend lots of time together while I sew and she plays.
I will be doing a separate post on the entire playroom because I am obsessed with it!
As for InFinnity Bibs...we have an exciting giveaway going on today!  You can check it out over at MOPA.  And, if you live close to Dartmouth, MA you should definitely get some tickets to the MOPA Show, it looks amazing!
And lastly (for now) don't forget to mark your calenders for the Collingswood May Fair!  It's May 24th (rain date May 25th).  You can find more information about it here.  InFinnity Bibs will be having a stand with lots of beautiful bibs to check out!  Come visit us!
I will try to check in again soon!
Just a quick check-in from the birthday girl!
Month 5 was one of her busiest yet!  Finn celebrated her first Christmas.  She started standing up when propped against something.  She now takes big girl baths without me in the tub because she is so strong at sitting up on her own.  She giggles at Grandpa-I try so hard to get her to do it for me, but only Grandpa and occasionally her daddy can elicit the cutest giggles I have ever heard.  And she ate a Cheerio or 2...who knew a Cheerio could be so messy?!
We are so excited to see what you will show us next month Finn!  Happy 6 months!
Finn's half birthday is quickly approaching-omg-so I thought I would share some of my fav products so far.  It's crazy how quickly you grow out of things from stage to stage with your little peanut.  I had no idea what to register for and I found the whole experience a little overwhelming.  So, I am not including the obvious things in this list like a swing, bouncy chair, pack & play, etc, but rather the things that I found surprisingly awesome and borderline "can't live without".  
The Puj Tub

I looked at all the options for infant tubs and they were all incredibly big and bulky, mostly free standing tubs that you had to fill with water.  The Puj tub is a soft foam-like material that folds and magnetically shapes into the tub shape pictured above.  It is marketed to people in small spaces because it fits in super tiny sinks and it lays flat for storage.  I love love love this tub.  We hung it on a suction cup hook in our shower when we weren't using it, and it takes up very little space.  I also thought it was very cleverly designed in that it held a little water in the base, but it was constantly flowing out of the holes at the feet, this way, if she peed during her bath, she wasn't sitting in it.
Hands  Free Pumping Bra

If you have to go back to work and are planning on continuing to breastfeed, this gorgeous garment will be your best friend.  I mean, look how comfy that woman looks on her laptop while pumping.  But seriously, pumping takes up a lot of your time, you are going to want to be able to multi-task.  Hence your new BFF.  I have this exact one and it does the job, but I am sure any brand would work just fine.
A Play Mat

This item is on all the registering lists, but there are so many different variations that it's hard to know what to get.  I originally got the type on the right and we love it.  It comes with a lot of great accessories and it can be used with all the sides up, with them halfway up, and as a flat mat.  I like this type because it has sides that go up and stay up.  This is the only way we use this mat.  Before Finn started rolling around, we could put her in there and not feel like we had to hover over her and protect her.  With the sides up, she was safe from Benny's tail and Boo jumping on her.  Now that she is a little more mobile, we have been using the mat on the left all the time.  I chose to share this particular mat because it is only $19.99-that is a STEAL for how much we use this thing.  Thank you Ikea.  Basically, this mat is as simple as it gets and that is why it rocks.  You can add those plastic ring things to the blue arch and put as many toys as your little heart desires on there.  Because, lets face it, it doesn't matter what the toy comes with, you will find a way to attach your babies favorite play things.  And the blue overhead piece is only attached with velcro, so it is easy to take off for tummy time.  Plus it folds in half for storage and doesn't take up much space when put away.  Sold.
Rain, Rain App

This is a free app that has approximately 30 different types of rain for your sleeping baby to listen to.  White noise is your friend when you have an infant, and this app has been a lifesaver.  It's free, which is a huge bonus, but at this point I would pay a pretty penny for it.  I have had many a lunch date where playing this app on my phone helped Finn take an extra long nap, allowing some nice mommy time.
Jogging Stroller

So, I am not saying that everyone should get a jogging stroller.  I just want to point out that strollers with inflatable tires versus plastic wheels are like the SUV's of the sidewalk.  Uneven sidewalks and pot holes don't have anything on a stroller with inflatable tires.  I happen to have this jogging stroller and I love it (I do jog with it), even when I use it on a casual stroll, it is really nice and I am sure Finn enjoys the super smooth ride as well.
Toy Rings/Links

Buy a hundred of these.  No seriously, do it.  Every toy you own will be attached to a few of these bad boys so that they don't constantly fall on the floor.  Even when you are in your own house, it saves you a few trips from having to constantly pick up the toys that are thrown off of the swing, chair, exersaucer, etc.  And wait until you are at the grocery store or restaurant.  You don't want the few precious toys that you brought with you to touch the germ-infested ground.  These rings will keep that from happening.  
Moby Wrap

I have a few different baby carriers and the Moby wrap is my favorite so far.  It is a little bulky to pack, because it is a lot of fabric, but it has come in handy on so many occasions that it's worth it.  Plus it crosses in the back and your baby's weight is evenly distributed on both shoulders, so it's easier on your back then some of the other types of baby carriers.
Play Mirror

The playmat that I mentioned earlier came with a small round mirror that can attach to things with velcro.  If we didn't get a mirror with that then I might not have realized how great a mirror really is to a baby.  We attach it to everything and we prop it up during tummy time so she can look at herself.  Finn was not a huge fan of tummy time, but when she could look at herself she would put up with it a little longer.  Now, she requires 2 ridiculous dogs to keep her company during tummy time and she will stay there for hours. Don't worry, I am not going to add 2 ridiculous dogs to this list.

So, there you have it, just a little list of things that I found extremely helpful these past 6 months.  If you have anything you could not live without, I would love for you to share!
Finn turned 5 months old over the weekend...what?! How did this happen? I cannot believe it has been 5 months. It is amazing how much she has changed. I feel like we went from the brand new baby phase where we spoke completely different languages and could not figure eachother out...to the best friends phase. And it was in the blink of an eye. A really sleepless, emotional roller coaster blink if an eye. But I am already over that. **earmuffs hubby** I am ready for like 4 more babies now.
And my new life theme is "just do the best you can".  So, with that said, blogging is included and instead of being stressed about a month going by without posting, I will just post when I can and leave it at that. When I am not at work, I am taking in all the Finn time I can, and sitting down on the computer does not always fit in to that equation. But I will do the best I can! Thank you all for still stopping by! Happy holidays! Merry Christmas Eve to those who are celebrating!
Sorry for my little hiatus-I am trying to find a happy balance with everything I used to accomplish + a baby now, and the blog needed a few weeks break so I could catch up with other things. With that said, here is a quick list of my current obsessions. Spoiler alert: the list is very Target heavy-they are bringing their A game this season.
Mossimo Kamari Tall Buckle Boots $39.99

I love the slightly distressed look and the tabs at the top that stick out and give the allusion of a longer and slimmer leg.
Mossimo Vernie Pump $29.99

Speaking of giving the allusion of long legs, how about some nude pumps? I love the simplicity of these heels...and that they are not 5 inches tall!
This picture shows 2 of my fav things right now. I love this statement necklace that I purchased from Groopdealz (it currently is not on the site)-here is a very similar/possibly identical option for a little more money. Also, I love love love Finns pacifier clips. They are from Etsy. The seller does a beautiful job with the construction, there are so many cute little details!
Here is Finn first thing in the morning. She is not for sale-but she is currently my biggest obsession. I am taking applications for a glam squad for that mess of hair she is rockin.

I cannot believe how fast this weekend went!  We love having the hubby home, so Finn and I were really excited to have the extra day this weekend.
I finally got to try out the jogging stroller for an actual jog.  "Someone" decided to start a screaming competition at the end of our morning walk which then turned into an impromptu jog.  Girlfriend was hangry (that is hungry + angry for those of you who are unsure).
We caught up on sleep...I kid, I kid...we have a 6 week old.  No one caught up on sleep but Benny Boy.  Oh well.
Some of us popped our collars and enjoyed our time with the family.
Some of us cut off 9 inches of hair.
Finn got to model her yellow polka-dot bathing suit.  She is so stylish.  Someday she will take over the blog...
And she went "swimming" for the first time.  She loved it, but somehow I think we loved it even more.  And obviously a baby with a full head of hair needs a matching swim cap for her suit.
Mommy and Daddy time included trying the #1 rated beer on The BeerAdvocate right now.  Out of control delish.
 I winded down the summer season with a great teal polish, Opi Cant Find a Czechbook.  I am excited to break out the Fall colors soon.
Finn is excited for Fall too.  She can finally break in her moccasins.  Happy 6 weeks to my baby!  She seems so big, but she is still just a little peanut!
Oh hello there!
Just wanted to share some pictures of Finn from yesterday...her 1 month birthday!  Does that even make sense?  I am not sure, but that is what we called it all day.
I took about a million photos because she moves constantly so it is difficult to get one without her arms being blurry.  Plus she needed a little Americas Next Top Model guidance...
Elongate the neck!  Less chins!  It was very tiring for her...
It is amazing to me to see how much she has grown over these 4 weeks!
The hubby and I went on a little date to celebrate, so of course we took a family photo beforehand.  Finn tried to sleep thru it, so it made it very difficult to prop her up for a good photo!

Happy 1 month Finnley!
The hubby and I have been hard at work organizing all the amazing things we received at the shower...well I guess it was mostly me. But, in his defense, he put together the nursery furniture. So, I thought I would share the completed nursery-I absolutely love it!

All the great owl accents. How cute are these owl hooks that we received as a gift?

We bought this cute frame that was made from old molding and chicken wire from our towns May Fair-it is perfect for organizing her little accessories.

Everything came together as I had hoped. I love all the different wood stains and the feeling that the antiqued pieces give the room. Now we just wait for Finnley to make her appearance!

We have been working hard on the nursery these past few weekends and I am absolutely in love! There still is a lot to do, I mean, we do not have any furniture yet (baby furniture takes forever to come in!). I also want to add another layer (or 2) of design-the hubby rolls his eyes when I say things like that. I am just waiting to see how large the furniture feels in the space.

So, without further adieu...we took a spare bedroom that the previous owners had made into a walk-in closet...
First we painted...I chose a beautiful pale turquoise and an off-white for the colors. The main color scheme for the room is teal, pale pink, and some green and yellow accents.
Then we put up molding that matched the architecture of the home. There were huge holes across all the walls from the anchors used to hold up the closet shelving so we used the molding to cover the holes. I had wanted molding anyway because each bedroom in our house has a unique molding accent and I felt the nursery should not be the exception to this beautiful detail.
We got the glider cushions re-upholstered so that is why there is a naked chair in the reading nook in this photo-the finished product is further down the page. If you remember from the nursery inspiration post, I am going for a vintage/eclectic library theme. I am using lots of different distressed wood finishes so everything does not look matchy matchy.

I know there is not a lot of pale pink in the room yet, but the bedding and changing pad covers all incorporate pink-promise.
Here is how I used my favorite Ralph Waldo Emerson quote. I bought these letters from Etsy (I shopped around for letters for a while, this shop has great prices and she can make letters in a variety of different fonts). I chose Georgia for the font and I painted them pale pink when they arrived. They were kinda a pain to hang-plaster walls + lots of nails = major headache, but it was well worth the result. These letters are on the corner where the crib will eventually be located.
Just a few of my favorite things. Clockwise from top left: Our glider rocker that was passed down to us with the newly upholstered cushions and the wool throw that we purchased in Ireland specifically for our nursery. A small vintage looking bookcase/night stand from Home Goods. A beautiful handmade gift from our Aunt that I absolutely love!  A wire rack, also from Home Goods, that is being used to organize books.
And a few more. Clockwise again: A distressed shelf located above the changing table for organizing all of the little accessories we have been picking up (shelf from Home Goods). A Pottery Barn bookshelf built-in to the molding with all my old Dr. Seuss books and owl bookends from Z Gallery. The sheepskin rug that I made by sewing 2 smaller Ikea rugs end to end (I mean, nothing says "old library" like a little fur right?).  A close up of the pink letters. 

I have been loving working on the nursery! I hope you enjoyed the update!
With the days flying by and the weather finally getting nice, it is extra important to me to plan out meals to avoid eating at restaurants all the time. I usually plan 2 to 3 meals (because both the hubby and I love leftovers) and we stretch them out over the week. And of course, we try to make time for date night once a week too! Here is what is on the menu this week:
I only chose 2 meals this week because we still have a few leftovers from last week to finish. Hopefully I picked some winners-these are both new to us recipes!

Oh, and I almost forgot. Happy 6 months!