Although it is tempting to stay in this weekend and keep dry from the hurricane, we actually have to travel.  We have an out of state wedding to go to and it seems we will most definitely be driving through Irene.  Oh well, we will just have to prepare and do the best we can to keep dry!  Here’s some of my fun wet weather gear.
I love an excuse to rock a hat.  Thanks Irene!  How about this one from Old Navy at only $16.94?  Yes please.
I really like this jacket from Forever21.  It has a lot of interesting details to it.  And it has a hood!  That's a plus when you are braving a hurricane. 
These rain booties ($59.95) are a stylish take on the rain boot.  As long as it doesn't rain more than 8 inches, my feet should stay dry.
What is this you might ask?  It's a doggy life jacket of course!  Boo is only 4 lb, I wouldn't want her getting swept away in a flood.
On a serious note, everyone on the east coast that is in Irene's path please be careful and stay dry!  And try to enjoy the weekend despite the sogginess!
9/7/2011 06:34:07 am

Love the cloche & boots. Glad to see your puppy's safety is paramount.


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