Now that I can perfectly manage the chunkiness of Essie's Set in Stones glitter polish I have been using it all the time.  So this week's mani post is no different.
Essie's Marshmallow with Essie's Set in Stones & Revlon's Sparkling on the ring fingers.

I love how solid and glitterific it is.  It has the same effect as those glitter nail stickers (I think Sally Hansen has some glitter options in their version) but more cost effective since the bottle will last so much longer then box of stickers.  The only pain is removing the glitter since it's so thick, I usually soak my nails for a few minutes in nail polish remover to loosen the polish up.

P.S. I clearly have not been using my cuticle oil, sorry for the gross dry hands!
4/9/2012 11:25:37 am

love it!


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