Happy birthday to me!  This wraps-up the end of my birthday(week).  That's right, week, not day, in fact, I worked on my actual birthday, so I needed the entire week to celebrate.  I am so lucky to have enjoyed multiple birthday meals and outings.  First up, we started the festivities out right by going to a charity ball with friends.  
Don't we clean up nice?  I haven't gotten all dressed up in a long time and we had such a great night!

This little peanut magically got 1 1/2 teeth this week.  Craziness...I can't even handle it.  Stop growing.
I can't get a picture of the little sneaky teeth though, so you will have to take my word for it.
We celebrated Finn's first Valentine's Day, which means I put her in all of her red heart accessories and paraded her around all day.  She was totally fine with it.  I think she is saying "put the camera down and brush my hair" in sign language here.  And my parents treated me to a home cooked birthday dinner, there were lots of brussels sprouts involved.  Sorry, I'm not sorry.
Birthday date with the hubby was amahzing.  We went to Tired Hands Brewery and tried some delish beers.  And we had candied bacon...consider my life complete now.  I wish I lived next door.  Small pours are right up my alley, this way I can try more things without getting full from having a whole pint.
And to complete the weekend, my MIL and FIL took us to dinner in the city.  We went to Route 6...soooo good.  Amazing seafood and a pretty decent craft beer selection.  The hubby thoroughly enjoyed himself some lobster.  And Finn got to flirt with the servers while I ate a few pounds of seafood and shellfish.

Here's to the big 2-8, let's see what you have in store for me!
2/17/2014 05:50:33 pm

happy belated bday!!!

2/17/2014 07:45:45 pm

Happy Birthday!


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