I always love coming up with different types of parties to have at our house.  One of my all-time favorites was our beer tasting party.  A beer tasting party is very simple to set up and it's sure to be fun for everyone...as long as they are beer drinkers that is! 

I think it would be fun to put an extra twist on it and have a holiday beer tasting party!  I am always into trying new beers and the special seasonal brews tend to be my favorite. 

Here is the simple way to set it up:

On your invitations make sure to clearly state that it is a holiday beer tasting party.  Each person is to bring their favorite winter or holiday brew (make sure to state the amount that they should bring-depending on how many people you are expecting).  When we hosted the beer tasting, we had purchased 3 of our own favorite beers just in case someone forgot theirs, we wanted to make sure there was some extras.  Here are some of my fav winter beers:
Source: Bing Images
Delirium Noel, Troegs Mad Elf, Harpoon Winter Warmer
The glassware depends on the amount of people you are having.  Our beer tasting was pretty large and we didn't have enough glassware, so we used disposable.  But, if it's a more intimate setting it might be fun to provide everyone with their own tasting glass.
Pub Glass (12 for $9.99)
As for food, you can go as fancy or as simple as you want.  It is a lot easier than a wine tasting and food pairing party!  Here are some fun and easy recipe ideas and a little pinspiration!

When I hosted my beer tasting party I served a sample of each beer on a tray and we switched the beer every half hour.  It ended up being a lot of work to keep everything organized and not run out of glasses.  I would recommend setting up a table with the beers to be sampled and making a small informational card to explain each beer.  That way your guests can choose which ones they want and they can rinse and reuse their glasses!

A fun holiday party is not that hard to attain!  With a holiday brew theme and some delish appetizers everyone is sure to have a good time!

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12/6/2011 12:17:50 pm

This is a really cute idea! There are SO many ales and beers that are only available during the holidays too. You could also add in some hard ciders to mix it up a little.


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