I am used to having all white bedding with accent pillows for my master bed.  But with the 2 wild animals...I mean dogs living with us, the white had to go.  Here is my beautiful bed in the before pic:
P.S. This is one of my fav wedding photos.
And here is the after pic:
I got this beautiful duvet cover and sham set from my MIL for Christmas.  It's a really pretty gray/brown design, it's from Pottery Barn if you are in the market for some new bedding.  Our house is pretty darn old and has a lot of character, so I like to use more traditional design themes when I am decorating.  This pattern is such a drastic change from solid white so I thought I would break it up a little with this knit striped blanket (a handmade gift from my Meme).  I know it's a little busy, but our walls are plain, so it is the focal point of the room.  I still love my all white, but this is a fun and different change for me!
1/6/2012 11:31:14 am

I am used to white bedding to, but I LOVE the new bedding too! You have cute style! I just found your blog today, it's super cute!!!

1/8/2012 09:29:58 pm



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