I'm baaaaacckk! There was a little glitch with starting Shoes, Sweat, & Beers, and it had to do with my lack of beer drinking. Which was only an issue because I went and got knocked up. Oops. No worries though, we are super excited for Baby Pop 'N Locke to arrive this summer!  Here is our pregnancy announcement photo...a play off of our engagement photo (which also happens to be the photo at the top of the blog).  The photo was taken by our awesome friend/photographer, check him out here: yomattfoto.com.
So, to add a little extra excitement to my life I thought I would restart my personal blog. For those of you who aren't pregnant, don't worry, there will still be plenty of non-pregnancy info to entertain you. But of course, I will have a few cheap & chic baby posts too! And naturally, no shortage of puppy pics!
Here's our Benny all grown up and ridiculously cute!
2/19/2013 07:19:41 pm

So glad ur back!!


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