What a great week! We had the perfect mix of relaxing and going to small things we had planned. Starting with Mothers Day. The ladies took part in the Breast Cancer walk in Philadelphia and then the guys met us out for Mothers Day Brunch after.
Here is my mom and I and my baby daddy and I after brunch.

We tried to sleep in all week, but for some reason the dogs did not understand this concept. So, we enjoyed coffee out of our personalized mugs (a combo of our last names) and we took turns making breakfast for each other.
There is definitely a Benny head in the bottom of that picture. I swear, no personal space in this house.
Since the hubby was able to enjoy a variety of new beers, he decided he would perfect his mocktail for me so I could look fancy too. I think he went as far as muddling raspberries and mint together and then mixing some kind of seltzer concoction together for me. It was actually really delish.
This photo was taken after our couples massage. I think we are sleeping with our eyes open at this point, it was soooo relaxing!
One of the nice things about vaca was dressing like a real person all week. No scrubs for me!

This outfit: Forever21 top, Old Navy Maternity leggings, Target sandals (old), Forever21 necklace (also old)
These pics are from one of our date nights during the week. We tried a new-to-us restaurant in Philadelphia called Valanni. If you live in the area, I would definitely recommend it. They have a fabulous happy hour menu with half priced drinks and appetizers. The menu is mostly tapas style, which is my favorite because you get to try a variety of things.
This pic was from a surprise for the hubby. He always gets Cinnabon in the airport when we go on vacation, so I made him a Cinnabon breakfast in bed. What is with them letting dogs in at this resort? Seriously...they would not leave us alone.  I see her eyeing up my fruit.
Near the end of the week we went to a food truck festival in Philadelphia with some friends. It was a really cool experience. It was crazy crowded though, so the next time we go to one we will have a better game plan about how to navigate the food trucks and get food a little faster. We ended up going to a cart serving burritos (the alien growing inside of me cannot get enough Mexican food in her life). The burritos were seriously huge, so I was full after our first food truck. Typical. Oh well, next time I will be on a mission to try more things.

So, in summary, I think we did a pretty darn good job about enjoying our vacation time, even if we did not travel this time. No complaints here!
5/22/2013 07:35:41 am

Awesome pics!

I love Valanni, but haven't been in a while. Good choice.


5/22/2013 08:24:36 pm

Sounds like u guys had a great week!! Lets catch up soon ;-)


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