We had family over this past weekend for food and drinks.  We didn't have enough space at our dining room table to seat everyone for dinner, so everyone brought an appetizer and we made a "make your own slider" station.  It turned out great and the sliders were a hit!
We made cheddar bacon burgers and spicy chipotle chicken burgers for the sliders (we made them on our Cuisinart Griddler-one of our fav kitchen appliances).  We had all the usual toppings and then some extras like mashed avocado, provolone, and mozzarella/cheddar cheeses.  We found a great selection of slider rolls at Wegman's.  They have white, wheat, and sandwich thins that were the perfect size for sliders (I have had trouble finding slider rolls in the past, so Wegman's selection was awesome).
Easy and delish, the perfect party food!
And so it begins...I will be posting my Cheap Chic Gift Guides now that the holiday shopping season has officially begun!  I will still be doing other types of posts as well, but I will be trying to do a few gift guides each week.  Here goes...

Some Cheap Chic jewelry:
The hubs and I have a tradition where we take random mornings and make them special by adding some Mimo's.  I guess it's important to explain that we call Mimosa's, Mimo's.  He also has introduced to me to the term clinking: cleaning + drinking (I knew my Irish husband would be good for somethin')!  Sometimes Mimos are part of clinking sessions as well, anyhow, I digress...

Exhibit A (Circa 2009):
The first time we were snowed in together.  It was Mimo time!  P.S. How sweet is my hair (tail) that I have going on in this picture?

But the real reason for this whole, long-winded explanation is that Friday morning was a designated Mimo morning (we seriously haven't done this in about 6 months, so I was really looking forward to it).  The special occasion this time...
We finally got to take Benny home!
He is a big, uncoordinated, bundle of joy that gives unending sloppy kisses and needs to pee at 4 AM.  He's pretty much  the best decision we ever made and our one and only black friday purchase of the year!
A Mimo Moment at it's finest!
I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Let the holiday shopping season begin!
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Once you finish your Thanksgiving leftovers you can dig into these must-try recipes!  Now that it's getting chilly out, I tend to want more hearty, comfort food (with a twist of course!).
Cheesy Vegetable Chowder
I found this recipe on Pinterest (click on the pic above to link to the blog with the recipe) and it was so easy and delish that I had to share it.  I only made a few changes: I used more carrots and broccoli, I used a bunch of different almost empty bags of shredded cheese, not just chedder, and after making it, I used my hand blender to coarsely puree it instead of leaving bug chunks of veggies.
This recipe is from a great blog that I follow called bakin and eggs.  This is the first recipe that I have tried from this blog and I was definitely not disappointed.  This was so easy to make (I didn't make any changes to the recipe) and it was soooo good.  You must try it!
I am on the search for a great mac and cheese recipe and this is the second one that I have tried to far.  I like that it is very simple, so I can make a ton of adjustments to it and make it my own.  First time around I pretty much followed the exact recipe, except I had to keep adding milk (I used skim) while it was cooking because the pasta kept sucking it all up and I didn't want it to  burn to the pan.  I will be making it again and trying to perfect it some, but it was definitely a good recipe to start with!

Have a great weekend and happy holiday shopping!
I hope you all are enjoying your holiday and are eating some delish grub!  I will be grabbing a quick dinner with the fam and then heading to work.  So, instead of chowing down on turkey and doing this on Thanksgiving night...
The bestie and I will be making the best of the night saving lives and what not.  We are good at that...making the best of things I mean...
One drink? No worries, we have two straws.  See what I mean?  We are optimists.

But seriously...Happy Thanksgiving!!
I just can't get enough glitter in my life right now.  Jeeze, the problems I struggle with right?  Orly Polish was on sale at Ulta and since I have zero self control I got 3, one of which is now my new favorite glitter polish.
Glitter: Orly Tiara, Nude: Orly Pure Porcelain
I put 2 coats of glitter over my ring finger nails and then "frosted the tips" of my nails with one thin coat of glitter.  This polish, different from my other fav glitter polish Make U Smile by Nicole, has a lot of tiny, uniform pieces of glitter and it's easy to control how much sparkle you want!
This is a must have glitter polish!  I will definitely be using it for a lot of fun holiday mani's!
The hubby and I went to dinner for one of our good friend's birthday (the one who took these awesome pictures).  Yo Matt, we love you like a fat kid love cupcake.
Please photoshop the light switch out with your eyeballs, thanks.  Our contribution to dinner was some delish cupcakes from our local cupcake shop! 

As for the outfit, I was super tired from working a few nights and kept it casual (I may actually be napping with my eyes open in this picture).
Blue top: Forever21, Tank: H&M, Scarf: Target, Necklace: Forever21, Leggings: H&M, Socks: Target, Boots: Minnetonka (seen here!)

The boots got to make their debut!  Soooo comfortable, I'm glad I got them!
It was a great night with some great people!
Happy Monday!  I have always had a small (j/k huge) obsession with monogramming.  Who knows?  Maybe it's because I never went to summer camp and had my name stitched in my underwear?  But anywho...it seems personalized gifts are the "it" thing right now and I'm definitely not complaining.  I thought I would share some of my favs.
This particular one is from etsy and it's $12.95 for 10 cards.  I love having personalized cards to send little thank you notes in.  These are super simple and I love the script that they use!
Seeing as I am the crazy dog lady, I really love this one.  I'm thinking about a Yorkie pillow that reads:  Boo-protecting us from the mailman since 2007 (since she never fails to wake me up extra early post-night shift when the mailman comes).  I would totally do it, but they don't have a Great Dane pillow to put on the other side of the couch, super bummed.
I already bought these and I am in love.  I purchased 2 big and 2 small (for the dogs of course!) and it was only $50 total because they are on sale and are offering free shipping!  Can't beat that!  And they are from Pottery Barn so the quality is great.
Cast Metal Letters ($7.99-$55)
On sale!
I love these letters!  There is so much that you could do with them!  They are on sale at Restoration Hardware right now, so get them while they are hot.  They usually sell for $10 to $69 so that can really add up depending on what you are spelling.  They come in 2 different colors, they are worth checking out if you have been looking for some letters to decorate with!  (I might get some for bookends or to decorate the wall going up the stairs).

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So.  Here's the deal.  I am a nurse and I get to wear scrubs (or as the hubs calls them "pajamas") to work every night.  The problem is, I have to go to a conference that it seems I am supposed to wear a business casual outfit to.  Ha. I laugh at business casual.
This could work right?
Yeah, I owned a pair of slacks.  Five years ago, when I had my last interview.  And I definitely don't plan on spending money on a pair of uncomfortable dress pants that I will be wearing for 8 hours and then storing in the back of my closet.  So, I went for looking put together and most importantly looking awake-I work nights, I'm not programmed to be awake at 8 am.  I'm trying here, I swear.
Sweater: H&M, Pants: Target, Boots: Chinese Laundry (also seen here)
The best part about this day: Happy Hour after with my bestie!  I can just flip my boots up for an edgier over the knee look, fluff the bob, and go get a cocktail!
This is what pictures look like when they are taken at 6 AM.  Have a great weekend!