Oh hello there!
Just wanted to share some pictures of Finn from yesterday...her 1 month birthday!  Does that even make sense?  I am not sure, but that is what we called it all day.
I took about a million photos because she moves constantly so it is difficult to get one without her arms being blurry.  Plus she needed a little Americas Next Top Model guidance...
Elongate the neck!  Less chins!  It was very tiring for her...
It is amazing to me to see how much she has grown over these 4 weeks!
The hubby and I went on a little date to celebrate, so of course we took a family photo beforehand.  Finn tried to sleep thru it, so it made it very difficult to prop her up for a good photo!

Happy 1 month Finnley!
One day of cooler temps and I am already looking forward to fall. This year I am in the market for 2 new pairs of boots. I want a structured, but casual tall boot and a great short/mid height boot. I think I might have found and option for my shorter boot. Check it out:
Frye Annie Shortie
$328.00 @ Piperlime

I like this style-they are simple and can be paired with so many different looks.  However, I love the look for less option even more:
Vince Camuto Fanti
$98.00 @ Piperlime

I am digging the suede finish way more than the polished leather.  These are definitely in the running!

...never hurt anyone. Right?

Old Navy and Gap online have been clearancing out a lot of clothes since the seasons are changing and they have been giving 20% and 30% off promotions like it is their job. What is a girl stuck at home with a newborn supposed to do? Here are some of my purchases that I am loving.
Old Navy Jersey Tube Rompers

(on sale right now, limited sizes left, and available online only)

I actually bought these in the beginning of the summer (I got the black and the navy print), but I was waiting to share until I did an OOTD post. Since they are not going to be available much longer I thought I would share them now. They are super comfy, wash great, and can be dressed up or worn casual. I have a picture of me wearing the navy print, but I wasn't trying to showcase the outfit, so it is not the best picture.
Oh wait, little 5 day old Finn is in the picture, so I guess it is a great pic after all.
GapFit Breathe long sleeve hoodie

$36.95 (but I had 30% off too)

I love the look of this hoodie, kinda like half tunic, half hoodie. I bought it in a heathered purple color, but that seems to have sold out already.
I have been eyeing these Nike Free's for a few weeks now. They are on sale at FinishLine.  I love my Free's, besides long runs (not that I am allowed to run yet), I wear mine all the time. They are so comfortable.  I have a bright teal pair that are my go-to option right now, but I like that these are a little more neutral.

To buy or not to buy, that is the question...

With the fall wedding season around the corner, I am always looking for inexpensive dresses to wear.  Not only to the wedding, but to the shower and other functions as well.  I am not a fan of wearing the same dress to more then one event, but I can justify it by not spending over $30 per dress...right?
Not for a wedding, although I wish it came in other colors because I really love this dress, but maybe a wedding or baby shower?  
I love how simple this dress is.  You can dress it up with a great statement necklace, simple strappy heels, and a coordinating clutch.  Easy, and you can re-wear it with different accessories and it would not be noticeable that it is the same dress.
There are so many variations of a lace shift dress out there right now, but for some reason, this one caught my eye.  I love the navy for one (I mostly see black and white options) and I like the lace on the bottom hem.

All of these dresses are from Forever21 and they are all under $30.  There are a lot of great options out there right now if you are in need of a few good dresses!