If any of you are Real Housewives of New York Fans you might have noticed the new girl Carole's awesome outfit choices. She is apparently very "downtown" and I am I love with her style. On my must have list for fall: motorcycle gloves. Crazy. I know. But it's happening.
These elbow length gloves I happened to run across while looking for the motorcycle gloves and I am kind of in love with them too. Think of all the layering options for fall and winter! Plus, leather is still really popular right now.
I am sorry for being so MIA lately. It's summer, computer issues, etc etc. but here are some of my (nearing the) end of summer obsessions.
Aqua Mosaic Bib from Bauble Bar (if you create an account you get $10 off your first purchase!)
Linen Shorts-these in particular are from Forever21, I love the cuffs!
I will try to get better at this whole running a blog thing. Promise. I hope these little goodies were worth the wait!

PS: I have to post from an iPad for a little while so I apologize if the posts look a little funky.