I met up with a bunch of friends the other night for some drinks and delish food.  I decided on a fun and comfy outfit since I figured it would get a little cooler once the sun went down.
Tank: H&M, Cardigan: Forever21 (seen here), Shorts: Target, Sandals: Target, Bracelet: Forever21
It was a great night with great friends, I wish I took pictures of the awesome food!
I thought I would share one of my favorite, quick and easy things to bake when I am in a need of something sweet.  These are seriously so simple and they don't have a crazy amount of fat or calories in them either.  They are called No Pudge! Fudge Brownies (you can take a peek at their website for more info: www.nopudge.com). 
I made the original version.  It's as simple as mixing together the contents of the box and one 6 oz container of low-fat vanilla yogurt and then baking.  That's it.  And they are really delish and gooey brownies, just the way I like them!
Yum!  And just in case you were wondering, here are the nutritional facts (give or take depending on the yogurt you use):
Side note: I got the picture of the box and the nutrition facts straight from their website.  And, once again, I am not paid to endorse any products, just sharing one of my favorite treats!
I have to share my favorite purchase of the week!
They are Guess, pewter glitter peep-toe platform pumps!  I have been looking for a pair of heels with some sparkle for a while, but it is hard to find a pair that isn't too Jersey Shore.  And I really love these!
They are from DSW and were just under $70, which is more then I usually spend on shoes, but Guess heels are soooo comfortable, so I splurged.  Plus, I think they will be fun for my bachelorette party!  I can't find them on-line anywhere, so here is the info off of the box in case you are interested.
I was perusing one of my favorite on-line stores and I saw that they have listed their top 11 trends for the fall.  Here’s their list:

1. Pendants
2. Midi Skirts and Dresses
3. Chunky Heeled Boots
4. 70’s Platforms
5. Capes and Ponchos
6. Bellbottom Flares
7. Spicy Tones
8. Hiker Boots
9. Tie Neck blouses
10. Faux fur
11. Ladylike bags

I like the majority of their picks, but I do have a few changes that I want to make.  Hiker boots?  Not really feeling that one.  And then there’s the faux fur.  I live in Jersey, I don’t think we need to encourage any more faux fur looks around here.  Plus, I think that was the trend for the past two years, so it's getting the boot.  Here is my list, with just a few changes, plus my favorite find for each trend.
1.  Delicate Tassel Details ($6.80) 
2. Midi Skirts and Dresses ($59.90)
3. Wedge Boots ($69)
4. 70’s Platforms ($19.97)
5. Colorblock Poncho ($24.80)
6. Bellbottom Flares (seen here)
7. Rust Colored Cardigan (Spicy tones) ($19.80)
8. Leopard Shoes ($59.95)
9. Tie Neck Blouses ($9.95)
10. Blazers ($29.95)
11. Ladylike Bags ($45)
I feel like there are so many other great trends going on right now too.  I might need to do a follow-up post, but that's all for now.  I hope everyone in Irene's path stayed safe this weekend!
Although it is tempting to stay in this weekend and keep dry from the hurricane, we actually have to travel.  We have an out of state wedding to go to and it seems we will most definitely be driving through Irene.  Oh well, we will just have to prepare and do the best we can to keep dry!  Here’s some of my fun wet weather gear.
I love an excuse to rock a hat.  Thanks Irene!  How about this one from Old Navy at only $16.94?  Yes please.
I really like this jacket from Forever21.  It has a lot of interesting details to it.  And it has a hood!  That's a plus when you are braving a hurricane. 
These rain booties ($59.95) are a stylish take on the rain boot.  As long as it doesn't rain more than 8 inches, my feet should stay dry.
What is this you might ask?  It's a doggy life jacket of course!  Boo is only 4 lb, I wouldn't want her getting swept away in a flood.
On a serious note, everyone on the east coast that is in Irene's path please be careful and stay dry!  And try to enjoy the weekend despite the sogginess!
I have recently discovered that all but 3 of my watch's batteries have died.  I replace the batteries in my nice watches, but these ones were all my fun, cheap watches...so it's time to go shopping!  I really like accessorizing with watches, so only having 3 left is an issue.  So, I am on the hunt and I thought I would share some of my top picks with you.
White Timex $60
Dark Grey Watch $15.80
Mixed Metal Watch $73.18
White Silicone Watch $12.99

I know that I definitely want a new white watch, but there is something about the mixed metal look that I really loving right now too.  Hmmmm...decisions.

My top pick for a fun and unique new watch is the suede wrap watch with fringe from Urban Outfitters.  I am really loving an accessory with fringe! 
P.S.: I am on the hunt for an awesome fringe purse if you have any recommendations!
We have been getting multiple thunderstorms/downpour rain for days now.  It's really putting a damper on my grilling plans for dinner.  My back-up plan: use my panini maker to grill up a delish dinner instead.  I got zucchini (yellow and green), eggplant, asparagus, and portabella mushrooms for my veggies.
Yum!  I chopped everything up and let in marinate in some balsamic vineger for a few hours.
Once it was time to grill I started with the zucchini and the eggplant since they take a little longer then the mushrooms.  It's not an exact science, I just grill both sides until they are cooked through. 
As for the mushrooms, I scooped out the ribs before marinating and when it was time to grill I places them face down first.  Once they were almost cooked completely I flipped them over and topped them with goat cheese.  They aren't the prettiest part of the meal, but they are soooo good.
I broiled the asparagus and made what I call asparagus fries.  Even though they don't taste anything like fries, I am so addicted to them cooked this way that I eat them like french fries.  To make them cut the stems and place them on a baking sheet.  Drizzle with olive oil and season with salt and pepper.  Roll them around on the baking sheet so they are evenly coated and then spread out in a thin layer before placing in the oven.  I broiled them for about 10 minutes, rolling them around halfway through, but it depends on the thickness of the asparagus.
Please excuse the dingy pan, I don't like to use my nice ones when I'm making something that could burn a little.

Along with all the delish veggies we had brown basmati rice and parmesan crusted tilapia.  It was so good!
The day after our wedding we are having close friends and family over for a BBQ.  Most of our guests are traveling and we wanted to provide them with lunch and some time to relax once they check out of the hotel and before they travel home.  It's also another excuse for me to do my favorite thing...party planning!  Here are some of the items that are inspiring me to create a wonderful afternoon for everyone.

Burlap Just Married Banner
Silverware holder ($24)
Chalkboard Pitcher ($18)
Fun Straws ($4 for 25)
Eco Friendly Plates (prices vary)
Condiment Holder ($38.99)

I want the house and backyard to have a warm and comfortable feel, but I want there to be little touches that people will remember.  I found these awesome eco-friendly plates that I want to get.  We usually use our glass dishes, but we don't have enough for the amount of people that we have invited.  It will also make for a much easier clean-up.  I make these chalkboard pitchers and I want to serve mint lemonade and iced tea in them.  I found these adorable straws on etsy and I am definitely going to get them, they will look beautiful on the bar (I plan on making a bloody mary bar too since I'm sure some people will be a little hung-over from the wedding!)  I love the idea of the 3 pots for displaying silverware in, but I plan on creating my own.  I can't create the little jars for ketchup, mustard, mayo, and relish, and I love this idea-it's so much cuter then putting all the bottles on the table.

I'm still trying to decide what to do for the menu.  Any fun ideas?
Last summer we decided to take our dog Boo into the city and walk around for the afternoon.  We stopped at the bars with outdoor seating for food and drinks throughout the day.  We decided to call it our Philly Dog Bar Crawl.  This past weekend we picked a different neighborhood in the city and we invited some friends to come along for the 2nd annual Philly Dog Bar Crawl. 
First stop: El Camino Real.  We got a pitcher of the fruit of the day margaritas, which were mango, and some delish mexican grub.  The dogs stayed cool under our picnic table and they made plenty of new friends with the local canines.
Unfortunately, we have been having some crazy weather around here and it started to rain on us. 
Me and my stinky wet dog post downpour.  Good thing I had a hat!

No worries, the rain didn't stop us.  Our next stop: PYT, it's a really cool place known for burgers.  We were too full to eat, but we tried some new beers and lounged on these big, lime green puffballs that they have to sit on.  Boo really enjoyed this part.
Carl Winslow Esq & Isabelle Peekaboo Love Monkey
Our dogs have the best names!
To round out the day we finished up at Gunner's Run.  To get the dog's dinner of course.  (They have people food too, but they seriously serve dogs).
How cool is that?  I am so easily amused.  Boo and Carl split a Cowboy Cookout (it was more like half of an appetizer for Carl).  The 2nd Annual Philly Dog Bar Crawl was a success!  I'm already excited for next year!

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!
I make homemade lemonade with stevia all the time, but this time I decided to throw in a little twist (well my mint leaves were on their last legs and I was trying to use them up).  I made a spiked summer lemonade and it turned out delish!  Here is what you need:
For 2 drinks:

2 lemons or about 1/2c lemon juice (I used both since I only had one lemon)
1 tsp stevia
2 shots vodka
Handful of mint leaves

In each glass squeeze the juice of one lemon (or supplement with lemon juice), add 1/2 tsp stevia, and a small bunch of mint leaves.  Muddle the ingredients together.
Fill the glass with ice and add a shot of vodka.  Top the rest of the way with good ol' H2O and enjoy!  I added a little lemon garnish and fun yellow straws because I am a visual person. 
This was such a simple cocktail and it is quickly becoming one of our favs!  Another positive note: The only calories in the drink are from the vodka.  Cheers!  Enjoy your weekend!