I love this new nail polish combo that I tried out!  It's 2 coats of OPI's Moon Over Mumbai and then one coat of Nicole's Make U Smile.  And of course my fav top coats: Sally Hansen's double duty top coat and Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri top coat.
The end result makes me smile!  It's a great, subtle neutral with a pop of sparkle.  It's super simple and I love it!
Here's another fashion statement that is in this season that I am not totally sure about...the crop top.  I recently purchased one from H&M in a really pretty jewel tone purple.
Top: H&M, Shorts: Old Navy, Scarf: H&M, Sandals: Target, Bracelets (a mix of chunky bangles that I have had for many years)
I'm not totally sold on the look yet, but it's growing on me!

Here are a couple of other options I have found:
Striped Crop Top: Forever 21 ($14.80)
Grey Crop Top: Forever 21 ($10.90)
We are huge pizza fans.  I like to shake things up sometimes and try different ways to make it.  Earlier in the summer we started grilling pizza.  The recipe I am about to show you uses phyllo dough as the crust.  It's super simple and a crowd pleaser!
The not-so-secret ingredient: phyllo dough.  This is one of the brands at my local grocery store.  It's in the frozen section by the frozen pies.

I have been making this pizza for years, but when I first made it I followed this recipe. I will give you my version which is very similar, I just tweaked it a little bit.

Ingredients for a basic cheese pizza:

1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
1/4 cup parmesan cheese
10 sheets frozen phyllo dough, thawed
olive oil cooking spray
1/2 cup tomato sauce

1. Preheat oven to 375°
2. Spray baking sheet with cooking spray. Unroll phyllo dough (Careful! It cracks easily). Place 3 layers of phyllo on the baking sheet. Spray the top of the 3 layers with cooking spray and sprinkle with parmesan (I also sprinkle crushed red pepper because we like our pizza a little spicy). Repeat this 2 more times, one placed on top of another.
3. Coat top phyllo sheet with cooking spray, make sure that the edges of the phyllo dough get sprayed.
4. Spread the sauce over the top layer of phyllo dough and top with mozzarella.
5. Top with whatever pizza toppings you like.
6. Bake at 375° for 20 minutes or until golden (make sure edges don't burn!).
This past time I made two types.  A spinach and mushroom pizza as well as a prosciutto topped with arugula.  Yum!
My wedding is quickly approaching and I need to find new and (cheap) chic outfits for all the events surrounding it.  Between the shower, bachelorette activities, rehearsal, and post wedding bbq, there are a lot of clothes that need to be purchased.  I'm so excited because I think I found the perfect dress for my rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
The dress is from the Love21 section of Forever21.
(It sold out on-line, but they had it at my local store).
I'm so excited!  I think it's a great find.  It's a good length for being in church prior to dinner, and it's the perfect color!
We felt so lazy after this weekend that a nice impromptu take-out dinner was definitely needed.  We ordered pizza from our favorite local spot and opened a new bottle of wine that we wanted to try.
The wine glasses are my favorite purchase of the weekend.  They are recycled glass wine tumblers from pottery barn ($39 for a set of 6).  Love them!  I also used my new chalkboard wine carafe for the first time!  They are on my new Etsy shop if you want to check them out!
My fiancé and I spent the weekend at the shore to celebrate our friends 30th birthday.  His friends and family planned a nice BBQ and then we went out to a fun bar with live music after.  We had a great time, and this fun weekend gave me an excuse to wear my new romper out!
Turquoise romper: H&M, Belt: Forever 21, Bead Bracelets: Dogeared, Gold Bracelet: Target, Watch: Vintage Fendi (an awesome find in my mom's jewelry box!), Sandals: Target, Nail Polish: Essie Chinchilly

The romper is a little see-thru, so I layered a navy cami underneath.

Sorry, I don't have a pic of the outfit from a different angle, these were taken on my phone before we went out.

We had a great night!  The birthday boy's girlfriend made these pins for everyone to wear, they had pictures on them of him in his younger years!  I love the idea!
My house has a very oddly placed, nonfunctioning fireplace that I was not sure what to do with when we moved in.  It's right in the heart of the home, not in an actual room (probably because our house is 120 years old, and it used to heat up the whole house).  It was closed off from above before we moved in, but I wanted to use it as a decorative focal point since it definitely stands out when you are walking through the downstairs.
I purchased these interesting green, blue, and cream decorative balls which are usually used as vase fillers from Target.  Also from Target, I got this wrought iron candle holder that is usually used for the centerpiece of a table.  I bought a bunch of different sized candles to fill it up.  These two distressed wood candleholders were a great buy from Home Goods.  I also bought a wrought iron set of fireplace tools...just for decoration of course!
Eventually I want to re-tile the bottom of the fireplace, but I need to practice my tiling skills first!  I plan on changing it up every season, but I think this works for the summer.  I can light the candles when we have company and it looks really pretty and simple. 

I had to add this picture of my dog, Boo.  It was very difficult to get her out of all the other photos, she was really determined to make it on this post!
I received some packages in the mail today and I just had to share them!  I had literally just woken up, so we will cut out the no make-up/hair a mess look to make it easier on the eyes! 

Do you remember this dress from a previous post?  I purchased it on sale and I love it!  I plan on wearing it to a wedding this August because it is going to be sooo hot and this dress is very lightweight.

I also received my vintage half slips in the mail.  This is a look at one of them layered under the dress.  It has a beautifully embroidered, scalloped edge in the front.  I will try to post some more detailed pics of the slips later, because they are really beautiful.

Dress from Piperlime, Vintage slip found on ebay, necklace and belt from forever21, Guess peeptoe heels from DSW
I feel like the photos don't do this dress justice.  It's nice and light and flowing.  I love that the slip peeks out the front and dresses it up a little bit.  I also love how open the back is because of the racerback cut.
I finally got to enjoy the beach for a little bit this past weekend!  And, since we still have some prime summer time to enjoy, I thought I would share my go to beach/pool outfit.  Don't worry, no photos of me, you get actual models for these outfits!  This is my head-to-toe look:
I try to wear a hat when I am going to be out in the sun for a long time and I love fedora's.  Forever21 has really cute options at great prices!  I also love oversized sunglasses.  I tend to stick to aviators, but this season I am really into the oversized cat-eye look.

Sunglasses from Forever21 ($5.80)
Victoria's Secret Bandeau Top In Grape ($24)
Victoria's Secret Double String Bottom in Paisley ($16)

Since my wedding is this October, I have been trying to minimize my tan lines from bikini tops.  I love the twist bandeau tops from Victoria's Secret as well as the double string bikini bottoms.  I have them in a bunch of different colors.  I usually wait until they go on sale, so they are a little cheaper per piece.
Off the shoulder cover-up ($29.50 on sale)

Everyone needs a cute cover up, I like this one since, once again, I won't have any strap tan lines.

My favorite beach bags are the Land's End Zip Top Canvas Tote.  I have one in size large in a periwinkle color.  They will last through many beach seasons, and they never go out of style!  I like them better then the LL Bean version because they are more durable and they have inside pockets.

So grab your favorite flip flops and of course, some sunscreen and you will have a great outfit to enjoy the sun in!

Here is my easy plan for perfectly polished toes when you don't have the time or the money to make it to the nail salon.  If you are not a feet person, then don't scroll down, you will be seeing toes! 

First you need some supplies:

I have a bowl of warm water, epsom salts, foot buffer, nail buffer, nail file, cuticle trimmer, foam toe separators, and my polish.

Start by adding some epsom salts to your warm water and soak your feet for a while.  I found this foot buffer at a CVS and it's really great for exfoliating and moisturizing your feet.  When you are done soaking, use the buffer all over both feet.  I use my cuticle trimmers to trim any extra skin and to shape any irregular nails.  Then file and buff the nails to make them smooth and get them ready to polish.

I chose OPI Moon Over Mumbai (one of my all time favorite colors), I like to keep neutral colors on my toes since I usually do bright fingernails.
Then for the final fun touch, I took a nail art pen in white and put polka dots over the polish.  Since Moon Over Mumbai is a very pale gray, white polka dots are a subtle way to make my pedi a little different.
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