I am always looking for a great statement necklace...and this one looked super familiar.
J.Crew Bloom Necklace $165.00
Groopdealz Necklace $12.99

This necklace comes in 7 different colors, and I think I like this style even better then the J.Crew one. Only 1 more day to snag it!

PS: please excuse the funky formatting of this post-it was an iPad/iPhone creation and I want to post it in case you want to cash in on this deal!
Sooo surprising. As if I have not posted enough pizza recipes on here already. This one is for zucchini pizza, and it is so good. Do not let my awful iPhone picture deter you-the hubby had to remind me to take the pic before I devoured my pizza.
Zucchini Pizza

(This is for 2 servings-we each had 2 halves of a zucchini, but I guess it depends on the size of your veggie).

2 zucchini
Olive oil cooking spray
1/3 cup tomato sauce
1/2 cup shredded mozzarella cheese (or more depending on how cheesy you like your pizza)
Whatever toppings your heart desires

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
2. Cut the zuchinni in half and scoop out the center-not too much, just enough to get some of the seeds out and to create a little divot for your toppings.
3. Place on a cookie sheet sprayed with olive oil spray and bake for 10-20 minutes (I say such a broad range in time because it really depends on the size of the zuchinni).
4. Remove the zuchinni from the oven and blot away any excess liquid with a paper towel.
5. Divide your sauce and cheese between your zuchinni halves and top with your fav toppings (we used all natural pepperoni and lots of crushed red pepper because that is all we had in the house).
6. Place back in the oven for 5 minutes, or until cheese is melted.
7. Enjoy!
I hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day Weekend. We have had a pretty laid back long weekend over here. We plan on ending the three days with a nice grilled spread using all of our farmers market buys from Saturday. Should be delish.
That is just part of what we purchased. We also have a couple containers of local cremini mushrooms and some grass-fed skirt steak that usually never disappoints.

As for those ginormous zuchinni, part of them are for grilling and part are for a new recipe I am going to try this week.
Zucchini Lasagna from SkinnyTaste

Looks fabulous, and SkinnyTaste rarely disappoints!
What a great week! We had the perfect mix of relaxing and going to small things we had planned. Starting with Mothers Day. The ladies took part in the Breast Cancer walk in Philadelphia and then the guys met us out for Mothers Day Brunch after.
Here is my mom and I and my baby daddy and I after brunch.

We tried to sleep in all week, but for some reason the dogs did not understand this concept. So, we enjoyed coffee out of our personalized mugs (a combo of our last names) and we took turns making breakfast for each other.
There is definitely a Benny head in the bottom of that picture. I swear, no personal space in this house.
Since the hubby was able to enjoy a variety of new beers, he decided he would perfect his mocktail for me so I could look fancy too. I think he went as far as muddling raspberries and mint together and then mixing some kind of seltzer concoction together for me. It was actually really delish.
This photo was taken after our couples massage. I think we are sleeping with our eyes open at this point, it was soooo relaxing!
One of the nice things about vaca was dressing like a real person all week. No scrubs for me!

This outfit: Forever21 top, Old Navy Maternity leggings, Target sandals (old), Forever21 necklace (also old)
These pics are from one of our date nights during the week. We tried a new-to-us restaurant in Philadelphia called Valanni. If you live in the area, I would definitely recommend it. They have a fabulous happy hour menu with half priced drinks and appetizers. The menu is mostly tapas style, which is my favorite because you get to try a variety of things.
This pic was from a surprise for the hubby. He always gets Cinnabon in the airport when we go on vacation, so I made him a Cinnabon breakfast in bed. What is with them letting dogs in at this resort? Seriously...they would not leave us alone.  I see her eyeing up my fruit.
Near the end of the week we went to a food truck festival in Philadelphia with some friends. It was a really cool experience. It was crazy crowded though, so the next time we go to one we will have a better game plan about how to navigate the food trucks and get food a little faster. We ended up going to a cart serving burritos (the alien growing inside of me cannot get enough Mexican food in her life). The burritos were seriously huge, so I was full after our first food truck. Typical. Oh well, next time I will be on a mission to try more things.

So, in summary, I think we did a pretty darn good job about enjoying our vacation time, even if we did not travel this time. No complaints here!
We are enjoying our "staycation babymoon" this week, so posts are going to be minimal until next week. But I wanted to share some treats I found that I might just have to purchase-they can be my babymoon souvenirs!
Mossimo Womens Hi-Lo Dress
The blue ombré is even prettier in person.
Mossimo Knit Maxi Dress
$25 (on sale)
Again, in person this dress looks way different. It has more structure to it, and a little slit on the one side. It is so much cuter then any of the other striped maxis out there, if you have been looking for one.

Bonus: neither of them are maternity, so I can wear them post pregnancy too!

See you next week!
For Cinco de Mayo we decided to stay in and grill some steak taco's with the goods that we scored from the farmers market this weekend. We got some beautiful grass-fed skirt steaks along with all of our fresh produce and herbs. I decided to try something new and marinade the steaks instead of doing a dry rub-we were not disappointed. I found this recipe on food.com and used both the steak marinade and the lime pickled red onion recipes.
I highly recommend these recipes. They were very easy and everything tasted so fresh.

For additional taco toppings, we also grilled some gigantic portabella mushrooms that were marinated in balsamic vinegar. And of course adobe chili sauce (we love spice), cheese, and a little arugula for some fresh greens.
I hope you all had a great weekend!
We have been working hard on the nursery these past few weekends and I am absolutely in love! There still is a lot to do, I mean, we do not have any furniture yet (baby furniture takes forever to come in!). I also want to add another layer (or 2) of design-the hubby rolls his eyes when I say things like that. I am just waiting to see how large the furniture feels in the space.

So, without further adieu...we took a spare bedroom that the previous owners had made into a walk-in closet...
First we painted...I chose a beautiful pale turquoise and an off-white for the colors. The main color scheme for the room is teal, pale pink, and some green and yellow accents.
Then we put up molding that matched the architecture of the home. There were huge holes across all the walls from the anchors used to hold up the closet shelving so we used the molding to cover the holes. I had wanted molding anyway because each bedroom in our house has a unique molding accent and I felt the nursery should not be the exception to this beautiful detail.
We got the glider cushions re-upholstered so that is why there is a naked chair in the reading nook in this photo-the finished product is further down the page. If you remember from the nursery inspiration post, I am going for a vintage/eclectic library theme. I am using lots of different distressed wood finishes so everything does not look matchy matchy.

I know there is not a lot of pale pink in the room yet, but the bedding and changing pad covers all incorporate pink-promise.
Here is how I used my favorite Ralph Waldo Emerson quote. I bought these letters from Etsy (I shopped around for letters for a while, this shop has great prices and she can make letters in a variety of different fonts). I chose Georgia for the font and I painted them pale pink when they arrived. They were kinda a pain to hang-plaster walls + lots of nails = major headache, but it was well worth the result. These letters are on the corner where the crib will eventually be located.
Just a few of my favorite things. Clockwise from top left: Our glider rocker that was passed down to us with the newly upholstered cushions and the wool throw that we purchased in Ireland specifically for our nursery. A small vintage looking bookcase/night stand from Home Goods. A beautiful handmade gift from our Aunt that I absolutely love!  A wire rack, also from Home Goods, that is being used to organize books.
And a few more. Clockwise again: A distressed shelf located above the changing table for organizing all of the little accessories we have been picking up (shelf from Home Goods). A Pottery Barn bookshelf built-in to the molding with all my old Dr. Seuss books and owl bookends from Z Gallery. The sheepskin rug that I made by sewing 2 smaller Ikea rugs end to end (I mean, nothing says "old library" like a little fur right?).  A close up of the pink letters. 

I have been loving working on the nursery! I hope you enjoyed the update!