In the living room/bar area of our home we have a sad little sitting area that is in need of a facelift.  So, I started working on that today.
(please ignore the ugly eye sore of an AC unit)

Well, at least it's a start.  It's hard to tell since the pictures are backlit, but the curtains are a beautiful jewel blue color (from Target about a year ago).  Today I only purchased 2 new items the rest are things I found around the house.
This yellow ceramic cow is from Target's kitchen area.  It's for holding milk or cream, but I thought it would make a cute vase.  And it was only $4.99.  Pretty sweat deal.
This pillow was on clearance at Target for $10.48.  (I got 2 and put one in the adjoining family room to tie the two rooms together).  It goes  really well with the curtains and the new vase.
All the other accessories I have had for a while.  Even though it's a small change, it's a step in the right direction and I already think it adds a little more life to the space.
I hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day weekend! The end of last week and the weekend have been packed with a ton of great activities for us.  I am hiding from the heat of the BBQ for a minute to write a quick summary.

First up: The third annual mother daughter birthday celebration
(our mom's bdays are 1 day apart)!
P.S.: My shirt is from this post and it's still available online.

Then my little brother went to prom.  Which made me feel super old. 
We basically look like twins... with completely different parents.  His date was so cute, I just cropped her out because I'm not sure she wants to be on the huge superstar blog I have.

Friday night we went on a double date with my SIL.  I decided to wear my Look for Less colorblock shift dress and just restyle it a little.
Dress: Forever21, Clutch: Forever21, Sandals: Target

On Saturday our cute little town had their annual May Fair and we walked and shopped with these clowns:
Those 2 have faces only a mother can love.

Then Sunday we attended a beautiful wedding in the city.
Congrats to Eric & Meredith!
(the dress is from this post)

So, at the end of all of that, we are BBQ'ing with some great friends and enjoying lazy beers while the bugs eat us alive.  But there is no other way I want to spend Memorial Day!  I hope everyone had an amazing weekend as well!
Essie's Bikini So Teeny!
The perfect Summer blue!
After my first full week at the new job we had a packed weekend.  I thought I would share my day to night look from Saturday.  I wore the same navy skinny slacks and white silk cami but switched up the rest.
Day: Target purse and flat sandals, Forever21 necklace, and scarf from Canal St.
Night: Target scarf, wedges & purse seen here, and stacked silver bangles that are super old.
But first, a little post Mother's Day love for my mom!  She did the breast cancer walk in the morning with family and then I met up with everyone for a delish brunch.
Happy (day after) Mother's Day!

Now onto to the new life.  In my non-blogging world I am starting a new job this week.  It comes with the following perks: no more nightshift (!), a normal person schedule, I will actually see my husband and puppies 7 days a week, and I can reduce the size of the bags under my eyes!  But seriously, I am entering a totally different area in the nursing world and I am very excited.  But with that said, posting will most likely be more sporadic over the next few weeks as I adjust to being a normal person that doesn't blog and catch up on dvr at 4 AM.  So, unless you want a bunch of outfit posts with me in this sexy number...
I may be taking a few days off here and there.  I was going to put the blog on hold all together, but I had a few complaints (love you guys), so I will do the best I can.  So, it may not be one post a day for a bit, but I will try to find some extra good stuff when I do post!

If you aren't following on facebook or bloglovin' it makes it easier to track when I do post.  If you are interested in that sort of thing.
If you are in need of a simple summer flat then look no further.  These sandals from Target are the best.  And they are on sale this week.  So go buy them in every color.  I had last summer's version of the same sandal in 3 different colors and I wore them all the time.  They are still in pretty good shape too, so I will probably get some use out of them this year.
Merona Esma Braided Flat Sandal
On sale for $12.00 this week
I actually like this year's version better.  They are a little narrower and they are more comfortable. 
These are the colors that I have purchased for this summer!

You should probably hurry up and get them before the sale ends.  I think they are a whopping 15 bucks regularly and you need that $3 to get a Starbucks coffee to drink while you get your shop on.
So when I do, I like to make it count.  I had some overripe bananas, because someone bought way too many (I'll give you a hint, it wasn't Benny, Boo, or me), and I didn't want to waste them.  And I broke my blender a few weeks ago making a smoothie, so freezing them was out.  I decided I would make some muffins.  I used good ol' Martha's recipe.

She calls them Healthy Banana-Blueberry Muffins, but there is still a stick of butter in them and sugar.  I made them just as the recipe states except I didn't have wheat germ and I added some chopped pecans.  I analyzed them on a calorie count website and it says they have 198 calories, 8.9 g fat (that darn butter), 1.3 g fiber, and 3.2 g protein per muffin.  So they are better than eating a bakery muffin but not so hot compared to protein bar.  Regardless, they are delish, and easy to make if you are in the mood to bake!
P.S. Martha has a much prettier picture with her recipe.
Remember these heels from here?  Well, now there is a sandal version.
Seriously dangerous and seriously on sale for $44.99.  What more can you ask for?
I completely fell in love with this bikini top from Victoria Secret...but it sold out before I could buy it.  So sad.
So, I have been looking for something like it for a while now.  I love to mix and match bikini pieces.  I just want to get my hands on a killer fringe top to add to the mix!
Sexy Suedey Fringe Bandeau $61.00
L*Space Dolly Fringe Bandeau $68.00
UO Fringe Bandeau $42.00

None of these quite match what I am looking for, but I wanted to share in case you were looking for something similar!
I got a little crazy with my color choices this weekend.  Well, crazy for me I guess.
Tissue Weight Tank: H&M, Purple Pants: Target, Scarf: Target, Necklace: Forever21, Wedges: Chinese Laundry (seen here)

The weather was really nice for the most part this weekend and we had a surprise bday party to go to Friday.  This was the outfit I went with.  It was fun and comfy and I like all the color for Spring.  Plus, I have really been wanting to wear my new scarf.
Prom picture.  Ignore my giant, shiny forehead.  K thanks.