I have been stocking up on some great basics at H&M and I thought I would share since they are so cheap!
The tissue weight tanks are $5.95 and the high-low tees are $9.95.  I don't remember how much the striped tee was, but it was def less than $10.
This is the only one that I purchased that I could find on their website.  These are the perfect length to cover your booty when you wear leggings or skinny jeans!

I always get a size larger then I need with these types of tops because for some reason I always shrink them a little when I wash them the first time.  But that's just me and my pathetic housewife skills I suppose.  If you are looking for some light, layer-worthy basics, these are for you!
It's a slow process, but I finally have 1 whole corner of the man room completed.  So I thought I would give an update.
Behold the beverage corner.  It's his fav part so I'm sure he won't complain it's the only completed part so far.  The beer meister we have had since we moved in (it was his engagement gift) and the custom tap was a great gift from one of our friends, but the rest of the set up is new.
Left to right: Our awesome new Lagunitas Mason Jar glasses, New shelving from Target (about $30 bucks total) and a display of some of our fun beer glass collection, custom bottle opener (seen here).

I am sort of obsessed with these new glasses.  1. Lagunitas has some of my fav beers right now.  2. I feel like Benny is on the glass.
Can you see it?
 I have a little problem with being photographed with my phone.  Like, all the time.  It is probably my most photographed accessory.
I mean seriously...kissing the hubs, while texting, and having my photo taken.  That is talent.

I can actually figure out around when a photo was taken based off of the phone I am holding.  So, with that said, it is important to have a shnazzy phone cover.  It's got to go with the outfit of course!  The hubby got me this phone case for Christmas, it's from Etsy and I love it.
But, this case was a little on the pricey side (I think about $60ish) so here are some other really cute cases I have found.  Sorry in advance if you don't have an iPhone, but a lot of companies make similar cases for other phones.
White Floral Case $25.99
Gray Chevron Case $20.00
2 Pack Silicone Case (also in pink & orange) $19.99 (in stores only)
Hard Candy Diamond Case $34.95
Hard Candy Bubble Chrome Case $15.09
I found these 2 cute outfits at Forever21 and I was shocked that they are both under 20 bucks...

Also, while online shopping I found some other great items to mix and match and I thought I would put together a Cheap and Chic look...
We went to Atlantic City this weekend to celebrate one of our good friend's birthdays.  It was a little chilly so I opted out of a dress and decided to restyle my purple pants for a night out.  The previous purple pants outfit was more casual, but by swapping out my flats and adding some bold accessories I made them more night time appropriate.
Top: H&M, Pants: Target, Pumps: Bakers
The nails for the night: Loreal's Tangerine Crush with a little touch of Essie's Set in Stones
Now excuse me while I go sleep for the next few days and ice my feet.
I went bright this week to continue my love for all things Spring and finally getting to bust out my more fun polish options.
Essie's Shelter Island (an oldie but a goodie) and Essie's Set in Stones on the tips of my ring fingers like they were dipped in glitter.

P.S. One of my previous mani's was picked for the manicure du jour on FabFitFun (Giuliana Rancic's Blog)!  You can check it out here.  Have a great weekend!
I have been waiting for this beautiful weather so we can start to get our grill on and last night we finally got to!  We did our standard grilling: chicken burgers with blue cheese and avocado, shrimp kabobs, and portabella mushrooms with goat cheese.  But this year I def want to stray from the norm and try some new grilled options too.  Here are some delish looking recipes that I have been collecting on Pinterest:

Everything looks so good!  Happy grilling!
And you should too.  They are on sale at Target for $19.99 right now.
High-Low White Tee: H&M, Purple Skinny Jeans: Target, Scarf: from Canal Street, Sandals: Steve Madden (bought on clearance from DSW last fall)
I love everything about these purple skinny jeans, except that they make me feel old.  I had to get a size bigger than I needed because they were in the juniors section and I prefer my butt to be completely covered when I go out in public-call me crazy.  Apparently, I am 26 going on 126.  Oh well.  And this new tee shirt from H&M was less then $10 and it is the perfect new layering tee that I need for Spring.  I want to go back and get more!
I am so excited that it is the first day of Spring!  I have been enjoying the warm weather and I can't wait to dive in to all the fun things that Spring will bring!

First off, spending lots of time with these little monsters outside...
Our poor neighbor's think his name is "Sit" and hers is "No Barking".  They are a work in progress those 2.

I have already started to keep more fresh flowers in the house.  I spruced up this wall a little bit:
Before: Wall with candle holders all filled with tea lights.
After: Pretty purple tulips mixed in with the tea lights.  The perfect little face lift for the wall!
Our favorite new cocktail for Spring: Pimm's Cup

For 1 cocktail:

2 slices cucumber
1 1/2 shots Pimm's #1
Diet Ginger Ale
Lemon Juice

1. Muddle the cucumber in the bottom of a glass and fill the glass with ice.
2. Add Pimm's #1 and then top with ginger ale and a splash of lemon juice.
3. Stir and enjoy!

What are you looking forward to this Spring?

Also, check out A Cheap Chic Life's Facebook page, I posted an amazing tutorial I found on 16 ways to wear a scarf!
I was browsing LuLu's website for some new stuff the other day and I found a lot of great pieces.  Since we are getting into wedding season again, I have been looking for a lot of cute outfits for all the showers and events that I need to attend.