I tried out a delish recipe for shrimp tacos last night (click on the pic to link to the recipe)...
And my wonderful hubby/ex-bartender made some amazing margaritas to go with dinner.  He called them his skinny boy margaritas!  I stole the recipe for you guys before he bottles it and becomes a millionaire.

For 2 Drinks:

1 lime
3 shots blanco tequila
1 shot cointreau
Secret Ingredient: Trop50 Pear Lychee with White Tea

Put Ice in each cup and then the juice from half a lime, 1 1/2 shots tequila, and about a 2 second pour of cointreau.  Then top of your glass with the Trop50 mix (which by the way only has 45 calories a serving).  And there you have it.  The skinny boy margarita!
After wearing heels all weekend, I opted for a more comfortable and casual look for dinner.  I was also able to wear my new boots that I talked about last week and my other new favorite accessory.
Tank: H&M, Cardi: H&M, Scarf: Target, Leggings: Express, Boots: DSW, Necklace: H&M (old), Headband: Old Navy
They are very comfortable!
I love this clutch!  Thanks for the birthday gift mom!
Happy Monday!  I went to Target the other day for paper towels and I somehow managed to spend over $100.  This happens way too often.  But, I did score some great white skinny jeans and a navy cardi.
Tank: H&M, Cardi & Jeans: Target, Scarf: From a Canal Street Shop, Necklaces: Forever21, Wedges: Mia (from Piperlime)

I'm still a little hesitant to wear white pants, seeing as they are not very slimming, but I really liked this look.  I figure that I can wear these through the Spring and into the Summer as well.  Definitely worth the 25 bucks I spent on them!
Another glitter manicure.  Sorry.  But not really, I just can't get enough glitter.
I used Essie's Master Plan as the base coat and then on the ring fingers I used Essie's Set In Stones.  I started applying it thicker on the tips and then faded it out down the nail.  The rest of my nails have Nicole by Opi Make U Smile in a thin coat.
I just wanted a fun and sparkle filled mani for the weekend.  I hope you all have a fun weekend too!
Who knew, you can take this....
And make it into the most delish dessert ever?  Here's what you need:

1 pineapple
4 tbsp cinnamon
1 1/2 cups spiced rum
1 tbsp honey
1 tub light cool whip
Dark Chocolate (optional)

Take your pineapple and cut the top off.  Use this flat end of the pineapple for stability and cut all the sides off of the pineapple so it looks like this:
Cut the other end off of the pineapple and then cut slices that are about 1/2 inch thick.  Try your best to make them the same thickness.

Whisk you rum and honey together in a bowl.

Place the pineapple slices in a single layer in the bottom of a dish.  I had to do 2 layers of pineapple because they didn't fit in a single layer and it worked out fine.  Sprinkle the top of the pineapple with cinnamon (I sprinkled both layers separately). 

Pour the rum mixture over the pineapple and marinate in the fridge for at least 1 hour.
If you are using a regular grill, grill the pineapple on both sides for about 2-3 minutes until warmed through and slight grill marks are visible.  I used my Griddler since it is chilly outside, so I cooked it on medium heat for about 4 minutes on each side.

I cut up the slices, removing the tough center before serving.  In the past, I have served the slices on a platter for people to eat around the core.  Since I was serving in single portions this time, I cut up the pineapple, topped it with cool whip, and then dark chocolate shavings.

I went to DSW to use my birthday coupon that was burning a hole in my pocket. I wanted to get the Levity sandals from yesterday's post, but they didn't have them in the store. So I was browsing and came across these guys:
These are the perfect slouchy, casual, but structured (yup all of those things) black boots that I have been in search for! Let's break it down:

Regularly                                      $79.95
40% Clearance                            $47.97
$5 Birthday Coupon                  $42.97

I don't know if you check out the facebook page, but last week I saw these adorable sandals...that I just might have to buy this week.
And now with everyone starting to show their spring sandals I am having a slight problem not wanting all of them.
Whether it's bright or muted, I have really been into the colorblock look.  We didn't really start our relationship until last week's birthday outfit, but now I am hooked.  Here's some fun things I have found:
Need I say more?  I made a delish stew yesterday since it was cold and rainy and my hubby is Irish.  All the right reasons for a Guinness Stew I suppose. 

I followed this recipe almost exactly.  The only changes: whole wheat flour & low sodium broth.  I also didn't use my crockpot...I made way too much stew and it wouldn't fit.  Instead, I just followed all the directions and then brought the pot to a boil and then simmered for 1 hour on the low. 
It was soooo good.  I served it with some bread and rosemary olive oil dip.  The only thing I might change the next time around is finding something to swap instead of the french onion soup mix.  It was a little salty and I think that was the culprit.  Otherwise, delish!

Have a good weekend!
One of the reasons that I love Forever21 is because you can buy pieces that are in style for a very low cost.  This way, if it's no longer trendy next season, no worries, you only spent 10 bucks anyways.  This is why I just might get myself a little polka dot number.  I also like how these 4 pieces have polka dots, but they aren't like a 2 year old's polka dot shirt.  I like how low key the polka-dottedness is.  It's a word.