Another wall in the man room has been decorated.  Slowly, but surely it is coming along.  A little background info: we are beer snobs.  We love trying new beers and I wanted to find a way to remember some of our favorites.  And that's how I came up with the decor for this wall.
The cork boards are from Target, they were super cheap.  The top one is for the hubs to display the different kegs he has tapped in his beloved beer meister and the bottom is the favorite beer board.  The original plan was to have "naughty" and "nice" beer boards, but I don't see us collecting bottle caps and scraping labels off of the brews we don't enjoy, so this is what I settled on.

I know both man room updates have revolved around beer, I swear the rest of the room won't!  Don't judge us and we won't judge you (especially you light beer drinkers).  I have told the hubs a million times, I only drink light beer at baseball games, so don't expect me to be a cheap date!
4/8/2012 07:24:32 pm

Cute idea!

4/9/2012 06:19:07 am

I think those boards will fill up very quickly! :-)

Another great way to collect/display bottle caps is by gluing small, thick magnets to the back (can double up thinner ones, too; many kinds are readily available at craft stores) and sticking them to a refrigerator or metal board. You could always toss the 'naughty' bottle caps into a bowl. :-)


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