I was itching for a creative project the other day and I decided to spruce up some silver charger plates that I have.  I purchased these chargers from Target around the holidays.  The thought was they could go under my china dinner plates since they have a silver rim.  Unfortunately the chargers weren't very shiny and they don't match how dressy the china is.  I decided the take them out of storage and see what I could do with them. This is what I came up with.
I took my leftover chalkboard paint (from the wine walls) and carefully painted the rims of the chargers.  I used a foam brush and it took 2 coats to get a streak free chalkboard effect.
Now that they are fully dried I can experiment with fun ways to use them!  I think they are a cute way to liven up any party food display, or a unique way to make place settings at a dinner party!  I am really happy with the finished product!
7/15/2011 03:27:52 pm

such a unique and creative idea! and awesome for entertaining! can the chalk paint get wet?

7/17/2011 12:11:41 pm

super cute project! I love d.i.y. around the home projects, and this looks like a great idea.

x. jill

9/2/2011 08:24:37 pm

Brilliant Idea! Perfect for your parties and congruent with your chalkboard theme.


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