The day after my wedding we invited all of our close friends and family to our home for a BBQ.  Most of them had traveled to attend our big day, so we wanted to feed them before they went back home.  We had a whole pig, all different types of salads, the most delicious mini cupcakes from a local bakery, and of course, a nicely stocked bar. 

Since it was the morning after a big event with a lot of drinking, I thought it would be fun to have a Bloody Mary Bar.  Turns out, a lot of people loved it and we had to run out and get more bloody mary mix in the middle of the party.
I took the wedding colors and made a border around my sign and framed it in an extra frame I had.  The bloody mary mix was in a pitcher that I had painted a chalkboard square on for easy labeling (I had another chalkboard pitcher on the table with homemade lemonade).  If I had extra time I would have had different types of vodka for people to choose, but hey, I just got married, cut me some slack!

The best part of a make your own bloody mary bar is all the extras!  I had pickles, lemons, horseradish, olives, old bay seasoning,  and of course celery! 
I had it right in the center of the bar (which is why there are liquor bottles on the one side and OJ on the other).  It was really simple and inexpensive, but it really stood out from a basic bar set-up.  

My other favorite part was the straws!  Remember them?  I had posted about them way back here-people really liked them too!

By the way, the pictures above were taken by one of my best friends, you can check out his website to see more of his work!
11/15/2011 03:06:07 am

Very nice pictures, just checked out your friend's website ;)


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