I just tried this new soup recipe that I found on Pinterest the other day, and I am pretty sure that it is my new favorite soup.  And it will probably stay that way for a long time.
(This picture is clearly from a blogger who can take great photos.)
(This picture is most def from my iPhone.)
I pretty much followed the recipe exactly, except I added a huge sweet potato (like the size of my Yorkie) and bag of baby spinach to the mix.  I also didn't puree part of the soup, I thought it was thick enough without that.  It was sooo good and super easy.  Definitely worth making if you are still in the mood for soup this winter!
(A picture of Boo in reference to the size of the sweet potato I used.)
Bill Meyer
3/4/2012 03:23:31 pm

mmm this one looks good but the name "lentil and black bean soup with andouille sausage" is a bit tedious; I'd change it up to something fun like "sausage party soup"


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