The hubs and I have a tradition where we take random mornings and make them special by adding some Mimo's.  I guess it's important to explain that we call Mimosa's, Mimo's.  He also has introduced to me to the term clinking: cleaning + drinking (I knew my Irish husband would be good for somethin')!  Sometimes Mimos are part of clinking sessions as well, anyhow, I digress...

Exhibit A (Circa 2009):
The first time we were snowed in together.  It was Mimo time!  P.S. How sweet is my hair (tail) that I have going on in this picture?

But the real reason for this whole, long-winded explanation is that Friday morning was a designated Mimo morning (we seriously haven't done this in about 6 months, so I was really looking forward to it).  The special occasion this time...
We finally got to take Benny home!
He is a big, uncoordinated, bundle of joy that gives unending sloppy kisses and needs to pee at 4 AM.  He's pretty much  the best decision we ever made and our one and only black friday purchase of the year!
A Mimo Moment at it's finest!
I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Let the holiday shopping season begin!
11/30/2011 03:44:46 am

Beautiful color of necklace!

11/30/2011 03:53:36 pm

What kinda of puppy is sweet Benny?! MY friend just got one exactly like him and we can't figure out what mix she is!!! Such cute pictures!!


12/1/2011 02:27:36 am

He's a great dane/boxer mix, cute a small now, but he will probably end up bigger then me! Thanks for checking out my blog!


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