I spent the past few days with my family and my dog in my grandparent's lakehouse that I used to spend every summer vacation in as a child.  Even though I only had a very short time to visit and relax, I'm so glad that I was able to get away. 

This is a picture of two of my cousins and I when we were younger.  It's a great view from the house looking down the hill at the lake.
Look at the fabulous outfit I am rocking!

I had to get a similar picture while I was there.  So, this is approximately 21 years later and minus my cousins:
Things have definitely changed a little bit, but the lake and the house are just as they always were, and it was great to spend time with the family!  It was also exciting to have a little bit cooler weather and I was able to wear my new comfy sweater from H&M.  It makes me excited for fall! 

Have a great weekend everyone!
8/9/2011 10:31:22 pm

I remember this outfit well! You picked it out and it was one of my favorites. Your fabulous taste and style dates back that far! You picked out most of your clothes since you were about two.


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