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Old Navy and Gap online have been clearancing out a lot of clothes since the seasons are changing and they have been giving 20% and 30% off promotions like it is their job. What is a girl stuck at home with a newborn supposed to do? Here are some of my purchases that I am loving.
Old Navy Jersey Tube Rompers

(on sale right now, limited sizes left, and available online only)

I actually bought these in the beginning of the summer (I got the black and the navy print), but I was waiting to share until I did an OOTD post. Since they are not going to be available much longer I thought I would share them now. They are super comfy, wash great, and can be dressed up or worn casual. I have a picture of me wearing the navy print, but I wasn't trying to showcase the outfit, so it is not the best picture.
Oh wait, little 5 day old Finn is in the picture, so I guess it is a great pic after all.
GapFit Breathe long sleeve hoodie

$36.95 (but I had 30% off too)

I love the look of this hoodie, kinda like half tunic, half hoodie. I bought it in a heathered purple color, but that seems to have sold out already.
I have been eyeing these Nike Free's for a few weeks now. They are on sale at FinishLine.  I love my Free's, besides long runs (not that I am allowed to run yet), I wear mine all the time. They are so comfortable.  I have a bright teal pair that are my go-to option right now, but I like that these are a little more neutral.

To buy or not to buy, that is the question...

8/15/2013 06:25:29 am

such a cute family pic! love the blue romper n the sneakers!!


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