I'm a huge believer in homemade and personalized gifts-sometimes they are just better than anything you can find in a store.  As a bonus, they are usually less expensive then something you can find as well.  Here are some great ideas for DIY gifts (click on the pictures to link to the directions).
Etched Glass Ware
This project is so simple and you can make so much with it!  You can make bottles like the ones above, or etch a personalized note on a vase, or how about taking a beautiful storage jar and etching it's contents (and maybe even filling it up for the gift).  Like etching "something sweet" and filling it with their favorite candy!
Burlap Sign
This crafty blogger made a sign for her laundry room, but really the possibilities are endless of what you could create with this craft.  You could take a poem, song lyrics, anniversary date, funny inside joke, anything really and print it on the burlap.  Frames don't have to be expensive either, Target clearances out their frames fairly frequently.  I also get cheap and cute frames from Ikea and Christmas Tree Shop.
Monogram Mugs
We all know that I love monogrammed things (remember?), so I definitely love this project!  And once again, you can put whatever you want on it, not just a letter.  Be creative!
Salvaged Wood Sign
Just like the burlap sign, there are so many possibilities for what you could make with your sign.  The distressed look is still very popular, but even if you like a more polished look, you can make that work with this project too (just make sure you use matte paint). 
12/1/2011 02:53:52 am

I love the monogrammed mug idea! Great DIY's here :)

12/1/2011 09:43:08 am

such creative and thoughtful ideas for gifts. thanks for sharing!

love kelly

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12/1/2011 07:55:07 pm

i love the etched glass idea, would be great for cocktail set up, simple syrup, lime and lemon juices!



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