I think there are about a million different names for the secret santa game in which you get to steal other people's gifts.  I call it pirate santa.  With pirate santa it is important for me to have the best gift, because I like when people steal the gift that I brought...naturally.  The people that you are playing with definitely influence the type of gift you choose, a game with friends is way different then a game with family.  But, here are some ideas to get you started!
For Fun

For Keeps
Very Merry Plate $7.95 each
Vinturi Wine Aerator $39.95
Chalk Note Glassware $3-10.00
Blanc & Rouge Carafes $14.95 each

It seems a lot of my pirate santa gifts are related to drinking accessories, I apologize if that doesn't work for you.  I was just finding really fun drinking related gifts!

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