Last summer we decided to take our dog Boo into the city and walk around for the afternoon.  We stopped at the bars with outdoor seating for food and drinks throughout the day.  We decided to call it our Philly Dog Bar Crawl.  This past weekend we picked a different neighborhood in the city and we invited some friends to come along for the 2nd annual Philly Dog Bar Crawl. 
First stop: El Camino Real.  We got a pitcher of the fruit of the day margaritas, which were mango, and some delish mexican grub.  The dogs stayed cool under our picnic table and they made plenty of new friends with the local canines.
Unfortunately, we have been having some crazy weather around here and it started to rain on us. 
Me and my stinky wet dog post downpour.  Good thing I had a hat!

No worries, the rain didn't stop us.  Our next stop: PYT, it's a really cool place known for burgers.  We were too full to eat, but we tried some new beers and lounged on these big, lime green puffballs that they have to sit on.  Boo really enjoyed this part.
Carl Winslow Esq & Isabelle Peekaboo Love Monkey
Our dogs have the best names!
To round out the day we finished up at Gunner's Run.  To get the dog's dinner of course.  (They have people food too, but they seriously serve dogs).
How cool is that?  I am so easily amused.  Boo and Carl split a Cowboy Cookout (it was more like half of an appetizer for Carl).  The 2nd Annual Philly Dog Bar Crawl was a success!  I'm already excited for next year!

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!
8/22/2011 04:05:16 pm

That sounds totally fun.

8/23/2011 07:30:12 pm

Aww sounds like so much fun!!!! I wanna come next year!!!


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