I was always skeptical about running skirts.  I didn't really get it.  Why try to be fashionable when running?  I prefer to look as homely and sweaty as possible.  After reading this very convincing post over at SR, I decided I would try one out...if I found a cheap one that is, they are pretty expensive.  Wouldn't ya know I went to Nordstrom Rack the other day and they had Nike running skirts at half price?!  The second I tried it on I realized what the hype was all about.  They are so comfortable and they don't ride up.  Sold!
This is not the exact skirt (I am having trouble finding it) but it looks extrememly similar.  I can't wait to wear it when it starts to get warmer out!


02/24/2012 1:44pm

random question- are there attached bloomers underneath?

02/26/2012 9:29pm

haha, yeah there are little shorts under there!


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