So, I have always been pretty good about my workout routine...up until about 6 months ago.  Now it's time to get this booty back in shape.  Last year I was a hot power yoga addict, the year before I was obsessed with spinning.  Two years ago I was really into running, and this year I am going to get back into it.  For me, I feel like running is the best work-out, and you can't knock the runner's high you get after!

My New Year's resolution for 2012: Run 500 miles. 

I have placed a mile tracker on the right sidebar to keep track.  I won't post about every run or anything, but I will post updates.  I am also signing up for a couple of races this year.  If you have a similar interest or goal for the year then maybe we can motivate each other!

I hope you like the new addition to my blog!


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